Volume 10 Number 8 |AUGUST 2020


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Is Your Mind "Reemerging"?

We’ve been through unprecedented times since earlier this year, probably about five months as you’re reading this. Everyone’s social, family, financial, business, and community lives have been altered from modestly to severely. We’ve seen predictions from experts that are flatly wrong, and we’ve seen unexpected events that no one has expected.

What's The Mindset Now?

This needs to be a time of agility, of maintaining balance, of shifting gears regularly. In my manual shift sports car, I have to adjust for the terrain, the conditions, other drivers, and regulations. I can’t count on my engine, or computer, or luck to do all that for me.

The same holds true for our businesses and plans. No one, no procedure, no regulation is going to guide you in terms of your best interests. You need to shift for yourself. Agility, nimbleness, and flexibility are keys.

You have to use the basics (first gear, perhaps) which will never change. Talk to buyers and recommenders. Seek referrals. Network. Publish. Speak. Host events (real or virtual). You will not be any more successful today than you were in the past by just sitting by the phone or trolling the internet. You’ll also have to go up through the gears to new ways of doing things.

LinkedIn is not a substitute for meeting people in person. An email is not the same as a phone call.

What's The Game Plan Now?

It’s time to “get out and about.” That’s going to differ given where you live and what the local restrictions are. You don’t want to go someplace and not be able to get home again! But your mind, your intentions, have to “reemerge” along with the economy and socialization:

• If you can’t safely visit people, use Zoom. The technology is far superior to Skype and far easier than true livestreaming (I’m not talking about livestreaming on Facebook or Google). Arrange your marketing meetings, buyer discussions, and implementation accordingly.

• If you can visit people, then schedule the meetings. They can always be rescheduled if necessary. You can meet people without masks over a meal in a restaurant, or sitting in a park, or in a private office.

• Contact people on your list daily. I recommend three phone calls and three emails (if calls are not possible) each day. You may think that’s low, but it’s 30 contacts a week, many of which will require follow-up. Look at quality, not quantity.

• Offer to help people. The gesture is important. Don’t worry about suspended projects or new business. Just offer to help, start that conversation, and then see where it leads.

• Innovate. Begin new offerings. Change from projects to advisory work. Contrary to what you might believe, this is an ideal time to launch new services and start new ventures.


I estimate that about 20 percent of every business will be permanently changed in one dimension or another. That applies to you and me, as well. Accept that as an exciting time and make the most of it. Whether or not this is an opportunity depends on your mindset, and whether you have the car in the best gear for the conditions.

Two brand new Mindset opportunities for you:

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