Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life. We continue the question and answer format this month. Please send your questions to me.

Volume 13 Number 8 |August 2023
Final Edition


Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life.


I have some interesting news. This is the eighth year of Mindset, and I’ve decided that August—this issue—will be the last. It’s a free newsletter, of course, so no reader will be inconvenienced, and I do have an offer below that you might find very attractive.

I’ve decided to do this because I want to consolidate some of the huge amount of content I produce: four monthly newsletters, a weekly newsletter, a daily video, a monthly video, a weekly podcast, 210 public blog posts a month, 210 private blog posts a month, 210 tweets a month, and random articles and interviews.

It’s not the sheer weight of it, and I’m certainly not bored! (I only “work” about 20 hours a week.) But I want to concentrate it a bit more, within fewer vehicles. This newsletter has a strong following of over 8,000, so I’m not doing this on a whim and without serious consideration.


One of my newest newsletters is Coaching Confidential®. It’s a monthly publication on the latest trends, practices, and predictions for coaching, as well as a monthly case study and a reporting of odd coaching experiences I’ve had. It will cost $250 for 12 issues next year (maybe some of you reading this were charter subscribers).

If you choose to subscribe to Coaching Confidential®, which begins every September, next month, with a new year, as a reader of Mindset you can do so for $20! This is my way of saying “thanks” for your continued support and interest, with an 82% discount. So use the link below with the code F355 and you’ll be enrolled for a year at only $20 and receive coaching tips and insights and marketing ideas that may well add seven figures to your business.

The offer is good until and including August 20, 2023, no exceptions.

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Fee: $20 for one year of monthly issues of Coaching Confidential®

Closing Recommendations

My goal here has been to spark new thinking in order to continually improve. To get “outside of the box” we have to “think outside the box,” and vice versa.

A key factor in doing this is to constantly produce new intellectual property, not by trying to invent something new daily but rather by taking a new twist on what’s already established. Some examples:

  • I don’t talk about “best practices,” but rather “better practices.” That’s because a “best practice” makes us complacent, believing we’ve achieved the pinnacle. But history has shown us that there is always a better way to be found.
  • I called the “great resignation” an “existential jailbreak,” because I thought that people were seeking more agency, more recognition, and were leaving bosses (not companies) who didn’t provide it. I told people not to be overly concerned and not to simply hire “replacement bodies” but rather to try to foresee the talent they would need in the future and find that, instead of replacing the talent that was yesterday’s and departed.
  • I separated innovation into three components—opportunism, conformist, and nonconformist—and asked if organizations were allowing for all three.

Think differently by taking nothing for granted. Look for the “better” way. And never accept platitudes. The customer is not always right. Speed is as important as quality these days, and you can always fix things while you’re moving. When you’re 80% ready, move. The final 20% isn’t worth the labor required. Perfectionism kills excellence.

See, it’s that easy. There’s no capital investment. You simply have to think in a slightly different manner.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here, and for those of you who take me up on my offer to stay with me on Coaching Confidential®, I promise more original thinking and monthly techniques to improve your life.

In the meantime, all the best for your success and prosperity!


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