Volume 10 Number 6 |JUNE 2020


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The Plague Years 

Daniel Defoe wrote A Journal of the Plague Years published in 1722 about the bubonic plague in London. Although it takes place in 1665, when Defoe was five years of age, and not published until he was 62, it became a classic. So it’s more of a novel than a documentary piece.

Nonetheless, it demonstrates our impotence against contagious disease, especially misunderstood disease. As you read this today, various regions are “reopening” for business and recreation, still with a great deal of uncertainty as to ramifications.

But one thing I know is this: Driving people into universal poverty is not justified by any public crisis I can imagine, including this one.

Your Value

I’ve always maintained that we aren’t “selling” anything, but instead, we are offering our value. That value’s intent is to improve the client’s condition. In other words, once you walk away, how is the client better off?

To improve the client’s condition today, in these circumstances, let’s talk about how to walk toward the client. Here are my fundamental principles for these times:

1. Call everyone of consequence (buyers, recommenders, prospects) until you reach them on the phone. Offer help. Don't talk about money or projects.

2. Convert as many existing interventions and offerings as you can to remote work. Many of these you should continue even after personal meetings are common again.

3. Create NEW service offerings and, if you haven't yet, move toward advisory work to the maximum extent you can. (I created a new, 90-day coaching program.)

4. Create a community among your clients and relevant others so that you can continue to smoothly interact no matter what the conditions (accepting another comet hitting the Yucatan).

Your Discipline 

Many people have taken this to heart and have done well during restricted times, and have great momentum as conditions improve. But some people have not applied these principles because they feel it’s currently inappropriate to “sell,” that they are “intruding,” and they fear the consequent rejection if they do talk to a client or prospect.

You arise in the morning thinking either that it’s another glorious day filled with opportunity for you to help others, or that it’s another difficult and slow crawl through enemy territory.

That choice is yours, and that’s why this newsletter is called “Million Dollar Mindset.”

Some Considerations For You

• Because of overseas cancellations, I have three seats open in my annual Master Class in Newport later this month. The property has been cleared by all state protocols and health requirements. I take no more than a dozen people for this high-intensity, high-growth experience. Register here.

• My business has steadily improved because I’ve had a community in place for over a decade, real and virtual, which sustains my growth in all conditions and doesn't require abrupt changes in new conditions. Join me to build your own community among corporate clients which will see you through all circumstances. This is a virtual program over two mornings on Zoom. Register here.

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