Be Prepared. This phrase was the original Boy Scout motto. It’s not bad advice for all of us, or course.

Volume 11 Number 8 |August 2021


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Be Prepared

This phrase was the original Boy Scout motto. It’s not bad advice for all of us, or course. Yet we’re often caught unprepared—for pandemic, for natural disaster, for local wars, for polarization, for poor driving. We know these things will occur, but we’re woefully unprepared, and often needless misery ensues. (As I write this, floods have ravaged parts of Europe and Germany’s vaunted flood warning infrastructure apparently failed completely.)

We should be prepared for:

  • People who lie about being the buyer.
  • Buyers who claim they have neither money nor time.
  • Buyers who want “discounts.”
  • Slow and delayed payment by clients.
  • Resistance from client employees.
  • Project-disrupting unexpected events.

Yet we seem to endure these and other problems as though we’re experiencing them for the first time—every time.

Be More Prepared

You need to ask what the decision making process is and whose budget is involved, to distinguish between “no budget” yet the presence of funds that can be shifted, to refuse discount requests, and so forth. It’s one thing to be caught off-guard by a novel issue (“We’ve just decided to sell the business because of an unexpected, incredible offer”), but it’s criminally negligent to be thwarted by an issue you’ve heard multiple times, like a broken record.

This same principle applies to what can go right, not just what can go wrong. When the prospect says, “This would also apply to my European counterpart,” you need to say, “Get her in here or on the line and let’s put together a deal that achieves economies of scale!”


You need to think several moves ahead, like a good chess player. And like chess, you know the pieces and their ability to move, and you’ve seen most of the openings. Think them through in advance.

Rapid Growth Opportunities

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Million Dollar Consulting® Global Online Program

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The Consulting Bible II

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Getting Started and Re-energizing Your Practice—In Atlanta

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