We’re barely away from masks, social distancing, and fighting for vaccination slots (and the Delta variant is causing some of these precautions to return) and a lot of people seem to have forgotten what’s happened over the past 17 months or so.


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(No. 264, August 2021)

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  1. Emergence: Observations of leaving the plague
  2. The Human Condition: How Quickly We Forget
  3. Musings
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Techniques For Balance


Obviousity: Something so apparent that it should go without being questioned or analyzed, but yet inevitably is. It is a neologism believed to be coined by Alan Weiss, a global thought leader in human behavior, sometime in the 1970s when he pointed out that pre-recorded laugh tracks actually made situation comedies less funny. —Wickedpedia

  • There is no innate benefit to food servers trying to memorize your dinner orders until they can get to the computer, rather than simply writing it down, especially when the order is incorrect as a result.
  • There is no utility or usefulness any more for pennies in US currency, and perhaps not for change at all.
  • Anyone telling you that you look good, or are wearing a nice outfit, is not by default a pervert, sexist, or potential target for #metoo. There is something wrong with the recipient if a compliment can’t be graciously accepted.
  • In most sports, a large amount of random luck is required, whether hitting a six iron, swinging against a 100 MPH fastball, slamming the ball so that it hits on the lines of the court, or the way a horse feels in the morning. Phil Mickelson looked like a hero at the PGA and a clown at the British Open. (The exceptions are Sandy Koufax and Tom Brady.)
  • You are going to lose long-term in a casino. If you regard a fixed amount of money as an entertainment investment, you’ll have a great time. If you commit money heedlessly to try to win you’ll wind up broke and unhappy.
  • How can we think we’re on top of the food chain when seagulls steal our food with such brazen effectiveness.
  • Law and order are inseparable and eliminating the police eliminates orderly society and culture.
  • People who fear rejection have low self-esteem and are, therefore, easily threatened.
  • Procrastination is the fear that actually producing something will engender worse criticism than the criticism of not moving ahead at all.
  • Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, et. al.: Do any of us deserve the degree of unconditional love we receive from dogs?
The Human Condition

We’re barely away from masks, social distancing, and fighting for vaccination slots (and the Delta variant is causing some of these precautions to return) and a lot of people seem to have forgotten what’s happened over the past 17 months or so.

They have returned to their arrogant natures

Businesses of all kinds are understaffed. This includes call centers, restaurants, hotels, retailers, TSA, charities, arts groups, and so on. The understaffing is the result of people seeking new opportunities, a shutdown of people entering the country for seasonal work, some fears of returning to the workplace, bad management, and government subsidies.

No matter what the combination of causes, there aren’t enough people in service positions.

Yet patrons, customers, and clients are becoming demanding and obnoxious. They scream at employees when the service isn’t fast enough or questions can’t be readily answered. They cause air flights, where masks are still mandated, to be delayed and diverted by their whining and aggressive behavior. They are crude, profane, and threatening.

Many restaurants report employees crying when they are the target of a string of profanities and slurs about their intelligence. Some restaurants have temporarily closed to give everyone some breathing room.

I guess this shouldn’t be surprising when, early on, people hoarded toilet tissue and paper towels, in effect trying to deny others so that they would have more. It isn’t surprising when there are people refusing to be vaccinated in the face of all scientific evidence that safety for all depends on it, and there are only rare side effects. Over 99% of deaths due to the Covid Delta Variant are among the unvaccinated.

How quickly we forget that so very recently we were all in apparent danger of a cataclysm from a new microbe that was causing illness and death all over the world. Maybe the next time people feel compelled to scream at an employee they should recall that for a while it looked as though they may never be able to scream at anyone ever again.

And that this isn’t exactly over yet.


The prospect says, “I want to go ahead, but let’s talk about a deal. If you take 20% off, we’ll go ahead immediately.”

“You admit you need my help right away, but you won’t for forward unless I lower the price?”

“Oh, come on, that’s standard practice.”

“Well, do you allow your customers to dictate lower prices when they purchase your products? Because if you don’t, then why do you expect me to do so? And if you do, then you need me more than ever. So do you want to achieve the ROI that this project can create, or do you want to haggle over a discount, which I won’t provide?”

We all run into the “discount disciples” who feel they can always cut a deal. It’s almost a hobby, but also often a point of ego. The reason I don’t allow it, aside from the fact that I’m providing a huge return on their investment, is that people like this never stop, and it becomes “As long as you’re here, how about looking at another problem we’re having?”

Don’t enable the poverty mentalities you encounter. They only exist because we give in.

Someone entering my elite coaching program asked me, “Before I sign-off, will you agree to ‘throw in’ a dozen of your books?”

“Why would I do that?”

“I have a five-year streak of getting a discount or extra services on every single purchase I’ve made!”

“Well, your streak’s just been broken.”

Only Read This if You Know Me Well

My daughter-in-law’s “east coast baby shower” is in New Jersey in August. I made reservations for our favorite spot, the W Hotel in Hoboken (the city in which I was born), with splendid views up and down the Hudson and the New York skyline. I request (of course) one of the largest suites.

My Amex team rep confirms the stay. Later that day, another rep apologizes and tells me that the suite isn’t available, I’ll have to take a smaller one. I point out the large one was already confirmed, so who blew this?

Upon investigation, it turns out two different reps were trying to book this same suite, so I couldn’t get it with the second rep because the first rep had already secured it. I was in competition with myself.

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