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(No. 292, December 2023)

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Merry Christmas and the best of whatever holidays you celebrate from my family to you and yours. We wish for all of us, health, peace, prosperity, and wisdom.


Happy Holidays

I think there are 14 religious holidays in December, and that includes Wicca/New Pagan! So when someone says Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or the Buddhist Peace to Earth—Goodwill to All or the Muslim Blessed Eid, I accept the gesture and good will that prompted it. When I say “Merry Christmas” it’s really not necessary to inform me you’re not Christian, as if I’ve deliberately tried to insult you. It’s like when you sneeze and someone says, reflexively, “God Bless You,” informing the person who was being polite that you’re an atheist really isn’t the point.


Resolutions are pretty useless, and I’m sure somewhere on Wikipedia or ChatGPT there’s a scientific formula showing that only .0000000001 percent are ever kept. If you’re serious about the change or improvement, however, make it public with people you regularly see who can ask you about your progress frequently. This is called “public accountability” or “put up or shut up” in more colloquial terms.


Don’t put that charging station in your garage just yet. Demand for electric cars is flagging, Tesla is taking a bath, and we’re hardly seeing the massive shifts the zealots predicted. I understand about the laws, especially the future prohibitions against selling internal combustion engine vehicles in California (of course—but what if you buy one in Nevada and bring it in?), but politicians rule only by the consent of the governed. Remember how well Prohibition worked?

Cashing In

The organizations and individuals who emerged the best from the pandemic—and indeed, many of whom thrived—were the ones who had cash. Cash is king—and jack, queen, and ace. Build up your cash reserves for yourself and your business. There will be more disruptions. Cash is the great stabilizer. Debt is the great destabilizer.


I heard a TV talk show host, judging a dance competition, tell the dancer that she loved it when “he spinned his partner on the floor.” The famous ex-quarterback, Tony Romo, now CBS TV’s star game commentator, constantly says things like, “He should have ran in the other direction.” TV field reporters constantly refer to the two anchors as “you guys” even when one or both are female.

Someone commented the other day on social media that language evolves and we shouldn’t expect adherence to old configurations. I would agree, insofar as we don’t usually say “fortnight” in the US, and we’ve stopped using “gay” in its original sense, and we’ve abandoned pejorative words like “retarded.”

However, I don’t think that opens the door to whatever the latest slang and jargon happen to be. Language can devolve as readily as evolve, and the difference for me is a loss of clarity, of elegance, of nuance, and of impact. And this isn’t just about shoddy grammar, it’s about affectation, as well. Some “authorities” are supporting “between you and I” as proper grammar, despite the fact that “between” is a preposition requiring the objective (me) and not the nominative (I). The improper use here is merely an affectation because some people think it positions them as being more eloquent, when it actually points out their ignorance of proper grammar.

There are, of course, true options. The word “niche” is equally correct as “nich” or “neesh.” You might say “eye-ther” but I do say “ee-ther.” (And there are people who say, “It’s ‘eye-ther’ you or me,” thus being both correct and incorrect in the same sentence!)

Language can’t be like our current immigration policy, which is, in effect, open borders. We need to control the words that properly enter the language and eschew the improper. Otherwise, it’s going to be harder and harder to communicate. If you’re not a New Yorker you might be totally confused, for example, by “djeet”? (Did you eat?)

We should be adept at handling all the words that fall into the eight parts of speech. You don’t know what the eight parts are? Send me a dollar and I’ll tell you.

Development Opportunities
The Advisory Suite

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I'm an Old Cowhand...

I bought a new baseball cap at the auto museum to which we belong. As we drove home it was increasingly uncomfortable. I turned to my wife and asked if she could adjust it, and handed it over.

“Well,” she said, “maybe we should remove the cardboard lining with the price tag first.”

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