May the New Year bring you health, peace, and prosperity!


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(No. 269, January 2022)

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  1. This Disruptive World
  2. Musings
  3. The Human Condition: Propaganda
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May the New Year bring you health, peace, and prosperity!



  • We have a highly increased sense of mortality, and we might just begin enjoying life more and taking more prudent risks in careers and lives.
  • Totalitarian economic failures—China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Iran—will continue to try to blame “outside” interference and attempt to defocus blame.
  • Many countries in Africa will see huge foreign investment as a middle class continues to grow and geopolitical advantages are exploited.
  • There will be a substantial migration back to cities as people seek entertainment, culture, support options, and socialization.
  • Someone in the US will become 65 years of age every ten seconds or so (that is not a misprint) and this vast, largely untapped source of future talent will need to be tapped in a society with an increasingly low birthrate.
  • The “woke” movement will decline as people rebel against being labeled as guilty or privileged or inferior. Lord Acton: “No one is as corrupt as the morally certain.”
  • In off-year US elections the party not in power generally makes strong inroads. In 2022 it appears likely that the Republicans will take command of both the House and the Senate.
  • The people who prosper the most will be those who realize there is no “return to normal” or “new normal.” (“Normal” means “typical or average.”) They will understand that there are new realities.
  • Tom Brady will lead his team into the playoffs, may well get back to the Super Bowl, and may be voted the league’s MVP.
  • Many individuals and businesses will find themselves in trouble because they depended on government subsidies and loans which will no longer be forthcoming (at least in those amounts).
  • Unemployment will return to pre-pandemic levels of 3%,which is in all reality really 0.
The Human Condition


As I’m writing this, the Omicron scare has subsided. By the time you read this we may well have an Upsilon or Omega variant! I don’t mean to make light of disease, of course, but I do mean to recognize resilience.

There was temporary panic with the new variant, fears of faster spread, more lethality, unaffected by the vaccine. But within 48 hours the markets rebounded (stronger than ever), the vaccines were deemed effective, and restrictions were largely not reintroduced in many places.

A shock, such as Covid, creates trauma and confusion. Whom do you trust? The scientific community and the politicians seemed lost at sea with conflicting advice and rumors on the internet at absurd levels. But once the vaccines arrived and we practiced sensible precautions, life resumed close to our expectations.

To be “inured” means “to become accustomed to,” and especially with regards to something unpleasant. Fans of a winless sports team become inured to losing—they don’t take each loss quite so hard and they celebrate wildly should a “win” break through. We have become inured to the threat of nuclear war—we go about our day not preoccupied with what might happen should inept leaders press the red button.

Tragedy nevertheless strikes: We lose loved ones, lose money, lose family gatherings, lose socialization, lose educational opportunities, and so forth. But we get over them. And we stop being petrified by the same “shocks” or, at least, recover from them more quickly. Our resilience intensifies.

But I urge you to recognize this immutable fact. There is no “return to normal.” There is no “new normal.” We should learn from these disruptions and realize that, while we may be facing “new realties,” nothing is “normal” again nor should it be.

After all that we’ve endured, I don’t think we should be striving for average.


Consequences run amok

I’m at the pool at The Palm Resort in Miami early in the morning. I look up from my reading to see a large man walking by with a huge, hooded peregrine falcon on his wrist. I yell to him, “Excuse me, but what’s with the falcon?”

He explains that the grackles (large, sleek, black birds) foul the area and his job is to scare them away. I notice that he’s holding in his other hand a metal can similar to what the tin man carried in The Wizard of Oz.

The grackles live in the trees that hover around the pool, use the pool to drink and bathe, and dine on the plentiful spills around the pool food area. They do not seem to be afraid of the falcon, and when the man gets close to them he shoots them with water from the device he’s holding, The falcon just sits, serenely.

I realize that the falcon can’t be unleashed because killing birds and dropping their bodies into the pool would alarm the guests somewhat. And the water the man shoots does nothing to scare the grackles since they live by the pool.

After about an hour or so, the man leaves, I guess for his next appointment, I’m hoping over some farm where the falcon can roam, though that’s doubtful in Miami Beach. Nothing that I can detect has been disturbed or changed around the pool. The grackles continue their day.

But, I’m guessing, someone in procurement at the hotel is proud that a falconer has been hired to take care of the grackle problem.

Only Read This if You Know Me Well

I’m spoiled by my usual car servicing, and I had to bring the Toyota pickup in for a scheduled service. My wife drops me off to pick it up, and the cashier tells me the truck is out in the lot and hands me the keys, and I wander out—to find thousands of trucks that look like mine.

While I’m standing there ready to scream, a woman walks by on the way to her truck. “Just hit your remote on your key, sweeties,” she says, and wanders off into the night as I hit my key fob and hear the response.

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Six Figures to Seven (627)

Six Figures to Seven (627)

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