I’ve steadily warned not to assume the people who are smart enough to have hired you are also the people dumb enough to have created the problems requiring your being hired! Yet, on occasion, that’s been precisely the case.

Volume 11 Number 9 |September 2021


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What if the buyer IS the problem?

I’ve steadily warned not to assume the people who are smart enough to have hired you are also the people dumb enough to have created the problems requiring your being hired! Yet, on occasion, that’s been precisely the case.

Sometimes it’s inadvertent, behaviors or errors the buyer isn’t cognizant of making. But sometimes it’s advertent, generated by behaviors and style that the buyer believes are required of a leader but which aren’t effective (and can be destructive).

What to do?

If your objective assessment (and not the schoolyard gossip) is that the buyer is the cause of the problem, then consider this approach.

  • Use observed behavior. “Do you recall in this morning’s meeting when you cut off Joyce during her financial report?”
  • Focus on cause, not personal shortcoming: “I think you’re trying to hurry the meeting along, is that right?” As opposed to, “You’re insensitive to people’s needs.”
  • Do it privately, never in a meeting with others.
  • Ask if the client agrees. “Do you concur with the situation and language I’m reporting?”
  • Ask if the client is willing and able to change or does the client need your help and suggestions. If the client says, “I can easily stop that,” then accept it, and observe again in the future. If the client wants help, suggest waiting for a count of two seconds after another person stops talking.
  • Provide positive feedback when the behaviors are changed.


Above all, demonstrate that it’s in the client’s best interests to change. “You’re far better off spending an additional 15 minutes at the meeting with everyone feeling they’ve been fully heard and getting back to work, rather than adjourning earlier and everyone then complaining to each other about not being heard.”

Emergent Development Opportunities for the No Normal

That’s not a light at the end of the tunnel, we›re out of the tunnel.

A menu of opportunities to improve and dramatically grow your business and enhance your life. Certainly, one or more of these experiences are relevant for you.

Million Dollar Consulting® for the World

Million Dollar Consulting® Global Online Program

I’ve provided 14 modules with videos from me, from your colleagues globally, slides, and text. They include everything from launch to self-esteem, proposals to fees, closing business to creating a brand. No upsells! What do you think about a 10,000:1 ROI?


How to Maximize Value to Maximize Fees

How to Maximize Value to Maximize Fees

Fees are a function of the value perceived by the buyer. The higher the monetized value, the more the fee is justified as a return on the investment.

Spend 90 minutes with me on Zoom and learn the following, which you can then apply immediately. In fact, perhaps you should stop writing proposals until you hear this to prevent yourself from continually undercharging (and over-delivering):

  • Redirect all price and fee questions to returns on investment.
  • Create objectives which are readily monetized.
  • Become proficient in the 12 value questions.
  • Begin with a higher value, higher fee “option 1.”
  • Prepare the buyer for the fee expectations prior to the proposal.
  • Incorporate non-tangible outcomes as part of the ROI.

Now, what’s the ROI for you on a $500 investment? Maybe 1,000:1? You haven’t budgeted for this, right? So use a credit card or take the money from under the mattress or suspend your kids’ allowance for a month.


MacKay CEO Forums

“As it’s played out, I enjoy the time I spend with the CEOs in my Forums, it’s extremely fulfilling to play a part in their growth and success as a Chair, we’re handsomely compensated for our contribution and our unique value. The unexpected benefits in becoming a MacKay CEO Forums Chair are the insights I’m using to grow my core business.” —Steve Foran

Watch the videos here You can add over a quarter million dollars to your practice remotely. [email protected]

Contact Nancy

The Consulting Bible II

The Consulting Bible II

Publisher John Wiley has told me this is one of the “highest momentum second editions in their experience.” Spend an interactive Livestream session with me as I walk you through, visually, my comprehensive approach to building and accelerating a dynamic consulting practice. You can ask questions in “real-time” or before or after.


By Invitation Only

By Invitation Only

This is my “invitation” to you to be considered for my annual retreat with just a dozen colleagues. We discuss business challenges, new IP, thought leadership, financial planning, and a great deal more. We’ll be at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach September 21-23. The fee is $16,000 and includes meals and lodging. Partners are welcome and the socializing is also fantastic.

Write me: [email protected]. One seat remains.


Getting Started and Re-energizing Your Practice—In Atlanta

Getting Started and Re-energizing Your Practice—In Atlanta

Boston and LA sold out and now I’m leading this full-day event in Atlanta, only $450 and I’m buying lunch! Extensive interaction while I cover fees, proposals, the three kinds of immediate sale, the five types of short-term business, how to be an instant peer of the buyer, creating your own unique “vault” and much more! “You exceeded my expectations, and you over-delivered! I kept waiting for an ‘upsell’ but it neve came.” —Brian Rollo.

Register here while there is room. A full day with me is usually $20,000. If you don’t mind a few more people in the room, this is a great deal!!


Ready for Rebound

Join me for the upcoming virtual SAC Annual Meeting: Ready for Rebound on Oct 5th-7th via Zoom. I’ll be the keynote speaker as well as doing a Q&A session. Click to learn more and register for the SAC Annual Meeting by 9/15 at a discounted rate. Or, you could join SAC and enjoy these conferences at SAC member pricing as well as many other benefits.


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