When you barge in with your agenda, no matter how valid it may be, I bow out. I appreciate fervor, but not fanaticism.


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(No. 267, November 2021)

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Balancing Act® is in four sections this month:

  1. A Baker’s Dozen of Predictions
  2. The Human Condition: Agenda addiction
  3. Musings
  4. ORTIYKMWOYBNT-O Department


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Looking into the next five years:

  • There will be cannabis drinks.
  • 3-D printing will include appliances and even vehicles.
  • Cars will communicate directly with highways and adjust for road conditions, accidents, detours, etc.
  • Fur clothing sales will be banned.
  • There will be an oral contraceptive for men and women to be taken before or after.
  • Electric vehicle terrorism will commence: deliberate crashes, kidnappings, theft.
  • An extinct animal (probably a Wooly Mammoth or Mastodon) will be cloned from preserved DNA (probably using an elephant).
  • There will be only three newspapers in the US, publishing national and local editions (New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today).
  • China will make military advances against Taiwan.
  • Human “parts” will be inserted into machines.
  • Republicans will dominate the off-year elections in the US.
  • A major movement, akin to the climate change movement, will gain force against raising animals for slaughter and food.
  • Some smaller countries will become totally cash-free.
The Human Condition

Agenda Addiction

One of my articles was reprinted on Linkedin. It concerned the fact that certain borderline (or worse) personality disorders cannot be “cured” by coaching or discipline, but required therapy by a professional. For example, passive-aggressiveness is a default position for many, and it’s based on low self-esteem.

A woman wrote in and asked how I could write such an article without evaluating Joe Biden’s narcissism! That’s like asking me why it’s raining if the stock market is doing so well!

I find the most tedious people in the world (and there’s competition here with golfers and fishermen telling their stories) are those whose personal agenda has to invade and infect every conversation, no matter how unrelated. I admire passion and advocacy, but not at the expense of irrelevancy and diversion. There are plenty of appropriate times to talk about social justice and climate change, abortion and immigration, but probably not at a baptism or bar mitzvah or doctor’s exam.

I actually know a woman who demanded of her doctor that the office staff stop talking about politics with which she disagreed in her presence. When the doctor told her he wouldn’t attempt to control the free speech of his employees—who were talking among themselves but the woman overheard them—she left her long-time doctor. That’s not healthy outrage. That’s aberrant behavior.

This is the reason so many people don’t vote for or against a given politician’s platform, but rather only one item which they hold dear. It’s why an otherwise appropriate candidates are discarded because of a position they had on an “agenda item” ten years ago. The thought that they might have changed their minds is insufficient.

We require complete purity over time.

So when you barge in with your agenda, no matter how valid it may be, I bow out. I appreciate fervor, but not fanaticism.


The trees that blossom latest in the spring seem to be the ones that also lose their leaves the fastest in the fall. I think there’s an accounting principle that says “last in, first out” (LIFO) which is used to account for inventory.

Inventory being those things that are sitting around for which, at the moment, no one has a use.

I find some people the same way. They’re the last to arrive for a meeting and the first to leave. And despite this brief tenure being the result of their own decisions, they are also quite demanding: They complain that the best seats are taken, interrupt to try to find out what they missed, ask questions already asked and answered, and ask people to send their notes of what was discussed after they depart!

The trees can’t help it, they’re merely obeying nature’s laws, but the procrastinators and the lazy can help it. They choose not to.

They choose to be inventory—last in, first out—for which no one has any use.

Only Read This if You Know Me Well

I had been to Copenhagen 30 years prior when I was asked to speak for a consulting company about an hour outside of the city. I was admiring the grounds of the retreat center with some of the participants.

There was a very new bridge spanning the water which I hadn’t seen on my last visit. Looking at the land just discernable on the other side, I asked, “What do you call that land over there?”

“Sweden,” they said.

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Sealing the Watertight Doors:

Moving from a scarcity/poverty mentality to an abundance mentality (door bolts are included)

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