Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life. We continue the question and answer format this month. Please send your questions to me.

Volume 13 Number 1 |January 2023


Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life.

An Era’s Change

As we move into 2023 we ought to recognize that this is more than the change of a year. It’s part of an ongoing change in an era.

We’ve emerged from a long period, post-World War II, wherein that generation (“Boomers”) is aging and retiring or changing direction. Moreover, the “western” values of doing well, getting promoted, raising an intact family, empty nest, and so one has been greatly de-emphasized. The traditional transference of values generationally has been via the family dinner table, schools, and religion. All three are vanishing or held in far lower esteem today.

About 40 percent of children born in the US over the past year were born out of wedlock, and about 35 percent of all marriages end in divorce by the 20th anniversary. Amidst rising crime there are calls to “defund the police.” Around the world, tyrants are threatening with nuclear arms—in China, Russia, North Korea, Iran.

Finally, a record-breaking transfer or wealth is occurring as the Reagan-era IRA legislation requires that those Boomers begin withdrawing funds which will go to children or philanthropies. This is the largest trans-generational transfer of wealth in history.

So, don’t expect just another new year.


“Some prospects at successful companies—where you point out, correctly, is where the wealth is—simply say to me, ‘We’re great, all’s going quite well, I have no issues or areas of concern.’ How do I respond to that?”

—Vanessa Gomez

Tell them that’s what most of your best clients have said, just before investing to innovate further. Ask this question: “If the board gave you a million dollars tomorrow, what would you do with it? Would you return it because you have no use for it, or would you put it to good use somewhere?” Most buyers will then say, “I’d improve the physical plant,” or “I’d hire more call center people,” or “I’d improve our technology” and then you have your answer about key issues. Remember that improvement is a key issue, not merely problem solving.

“My agreement was to be paid 50% of my fee on commencement. Three weeks later I’ve received nothing although my work is ongoing. The buyer says that it’s coming, accounting is slow. Do I take that on faith or make an issue of it?”

—Victor Berkeley

You make an issue of it immediately. Right now you’re enabling the delay by continuing to work and provide value. Your only leverage is to stop working. Tell the buyer you know he or she can write a manual check if needed, and you’re a small business dependent on cash flow per agreements. Don’t talk to anyone in accounting or accounts payable. Tell your buyer that the company is in violation of a legal and ethical agreement.

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