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This monthly, brief newsletter is intended to broaden the skills, marketing, branding, and overall effectiveness of coaches in any area of expertise.

On the 15th of each month, beginning in September, 2022, I’ll send you a newsletter in three concise parts:

  1. A coaching tip and insight that will make you even better and faster in resolving issues and improving performance.
  2. A case study for you to ponder and suggest a resolution for if you like. The next issue will provide suggested responses and the next case study.
  3. A true, sometimes bizarre, and aways fascinating example of a coaching engagement and the unexpected.

Twice a year I’ll conduct a free “coaching fishbowl” for subscribers on Zoom. You can watch me coach a volunteer and we can deconstruct what took place.

The subscription is only $250 annually. 

If you want a frequent, innovative boost to your coaching work, join your colleagues in this highly targeted opportunity for development and growth.


“After generating more than $60,000 alone on Alan’s ideas, returning for another six months was an easy decision. And I’ll be back for a third time, soon!”

Vickie Sullivan

Sullivan Speaker Services

“Alan helped me to shift my perception of the value I provide to clients and change my business model to boost my firm’s profitability. He’s very smart and quick, with a well-developed flair for marketing and promotion. He’s been an enormous resource, and the value created far exceeds the fees paid and time invested. I’ve re-enrolled in the program.”

Nick Miller

Clarity Advantage Corp.

“Alan helped me increase my revenue by 40%, just two-thirds of the way through our time together. We corresponded by e-mail from all over the world with great efficiency.”

Ione Dean

Ione Dean Consulting Group

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