Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life. We continue the question and answer format this month. Please send your questions to me.

Volume 12 Number 12 |December 2022


Our mission is to spark new thinking and ideas for creating a thriving business and rewarding life.


A boxer suffers a “technical knockout” (TKO) when the referee decides that even though he’s on his feet, he’s suffered too much pounding to safely continue.

As I observe clients and colleagues, I’m seeing signs of TKO. If you’ve ever been hit in the stomach and had “the wind knocked out of you” the feeling is pretty bad: You can’t breathe. With Covid, supply shortages, staffing problems, Ukraine, immigration, climate concerns, political polarization, and UFO sightings, people are “knocked out on their feet.”

Keep in mind you’re not “adding something to a buyer’s plate,” but rather helping to clean the plate. You’re there to give clarity and simplicity to people suffering fatigue.

Don’t fall victim to the TKO yourself. You need people “in your corner” to keep you fresh and fit. This community of mine can help with that.


“I have been invited to conduct a 4-hour session for 120 people at a corporate offsite. From my initial assessment with a random sample from the group—and also from personal experience of once being a corporate slave—I realized these people are looking to drink and have fun, period.

The mandate is to initiate team bonding.

What would you suggest we do? Go with a focused exercise of identifying and bonding on their common values, or take a more relaxed approach? I'm proposing a more strategic intervention for the team leaders later, through my consulting. However, since this is the initial interaction that I will have with the entire team, how could I set myself up for success?”

—Shruti Gehenwar

I’d clarify with the buyer what the specific outcomes he or she desires are. Don’t transfer your own corporate experience to this environment. If it’s merely socialization and bonding, fine, use some enjoyable business games. But remember that true “teams” in organizations are rare. Most organizations actually have committees, with various interests represented. Four hours is a lot of time. I’d suggest two enjoyable business challenges to resolve in theory, and two, new innovative ideas for the business, and a “magic want” exercise: If you could magically change just one thing, what would it be and why? But run it all by your buyer.

“I’m curious about how you keep it together. How many people do you have working on your team? Besides a bookkeeper and social media support, I feel like I need some sort of admin assistant, but in this day and age of online content and channels, I need someone who is more than just a scheduler. What do you do?”

—Caroline Lewko

I outsource to technical people and financial people, because I loathe technology and finance, they bore me. I have zero staff, never have had. I’m astounded by people making a small percentage of what I do who “must” have virtual assistants and so on. That more for ego than performance in my opinion. But if you’re simply not good at, or don’t have time for, certain issues, find someone who will take care of them on an hourly basis as needed (tell them not to read my books). My bookkeeper picks up and delivers and charges me monthly for the hours she puts in. I love to write, so I write ALL my own content. Also, ask yourself if everything you’re doing really need doing. People are more obsessed with backing up their computers than asking for referrals!!

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