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(No. 297, May 2024)

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Billy Joel

We saw him recently in New York’s Madison Square Garden, his 100th consecutive sold-out concert in that 20,000-person arena. At 74 he was in the best voice I’ve ever heard from him, and put on a 2.5-hour show with a fabulous band without letup. It was pure energy and talent. Age and aging are two different things. If you’re on top of your game and still have the talent and the energy, then don’t stop. (I don’t intend to.)

The Election

It appears that, according to analysts and polls, we’re looking at a Presidential election with two candidates that very few people are happy about. Most would prefer two different candidates entirely. It’s not impossible that Biden may have to withdraw due to health concerns, and that Trump might have to withdraw because of legal restraints. If that’s the case, we’d have two, old-fashioned conventions which might just do what they’re intended to do: compromise on good candidates instead of rubber-stamping mediocre ones.


We all suffer defeats, make errors, watch our favorite teams lose, misread instructions. Healthy people understand the disappointments, are resilient, and even learn from the setbacks. But unhealthy people see conspiracies, patterns of secrecy from cabals and dark groups engaged to cause them harm. The game was rigged, Big Pharma is corrupt, down with Wall Street, don’t trust the banks, the others had the test answers. Those reactions are paranoid, caused by a genuine sense of lack of control and powerlessness, coupled with low self-worth.


The recent March Madness in the US featured a huge following for women’s basketball which was fabulous. It was fantastic to see such talent, great coaching, and media attention. One thing all the teams had in common: They played their best players, the ones who provided the best chances of winning. They weren’t concerned with identity or race or ethnicity in terms of who was on the court. They went with the people best able to win the game.


I’ve thought for quite a while that moving the US (and perhaps any country) exclusively to the manufacture and eventual use of electric cars is folly. Last month we saw Tesla sales and profits plummet, Ford changed direction (after losing billions) and moving toward hybrids, sales growth in internal combustion engine cars, and before that, Hertz retreating from its intent to purchase 100,000 electric cars, funding withdrawn from battery plants, and Toyota—the world’s largest auto manufacturer—continuing on its path of hybrids.

There is no way that the US is capable of building a national grid system to support charging stations across its breadth and width (and maybe not even within its large cities). We have brownouts and rolling blackouts now in high-use, hot summer weather in parts of the country.

Even if the cars’ range is improved by 50%, say to 300+ miles, that’s going to require recharging every four hours, which exceeds a trip from New England to the Jersey Shore, from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and may just be enough to get you from Dallas to Austin. All this assumes you never go over 70 MPH, don’t get into traffic jams, and don’t divert to appreciate back roads and scenery.

Meanwhile, most electricity is generated with steam turbines using fossil fuels, which belch pollutants into the atmosphere. (Nuclear generation and renewable sources are small contributors.) When I say “most” I mean about 80% of the world’s supply at the moment.

If you remove the approximately 300 million gasoline-powered cars in the US and replace them with electric cars (and even hybrids) you still have 300 million vehicles clogging all the large cities and not alleviating congestion at all.

I think the passion of this very arbitrary solution is ebbing, and if we’re not careful we’ll see a national, rotting, antiquated grid system that wasn’t only inefficient but also wasted billions of dollars. (If you don’t think that’s likely, California just wasted $300 billion—that is not a typo—in abandoning a decade-old attempt to build a high speed train from San Francisco to Los Angeles.)

I don’t know the answer, it’s probably hydrogen if we can control it. And it’s mass transit between and within cities, if we can commit to doing it. (Amtrak’s Acela high speed train carries over two thirds of northeast corridor traffic—Washington to Boston—more than all the airlines on those routes combined.)

But I’m pretty sure the future shouldn’t be throwing millions of people out of work in the fossil fuel industries because we have some wonderful, esoteric ideas about electric cars that are going to prove to be illusory.

“Evil is never done so thoroughly or so well as when it is done with a good conscience.” —Blaise Pascal

Development Opportunities
The Incredible Inexpensive Workshop


The Incredible Inexpensive Workshop

I am focusing on helping people who might not otherwise be able to afford my support, and have done so with an inexpensive coaching program and my two platforms, Million Dollar Consulting® Online Learning. I’m going to do this with a Zoom workshop on a topic that I find most people find trouble mastering: How to Introduce New Value to Existing Clients, Past Clients, and Prospective Clients. I’ve found when I do such things that even successful “veterans” show up to further hone their skills. This isn’t some recycled program: It’s all new stuff, and it’s recorded if you can’t make it “live.” This is only $200. May 21 on Zoom with a recording.

The Spontaneous Session


The Spontaneous Session

What I want to do on Halloween is give you a treat by showing the tricks of my trade. I will actually demonstrate how you can be spontaneous and also highly impressive, controlled, and effective. You will walk out of the morning able to use spontaneity in business meetings, social and civic settings, in speeches and presentations, and in conflict. If you stay for the afternoon, you’ll be able to practice this with your colleagues and then with me. If you can do this with me you can do it with anyone!

If anyone else is providing this kind of help, I don’t know about it. If you stay for the afternoon, I’m buying lunch. And at the end of the day we’ll vote as a group on the best extemporaneous performance of those remaining and I’ll provide a credit for your entire fee to use for any of my future programs. Stop saying, “I wish I had said….” or, “Next time what I’ll do is….” You don’t have to risk $200,000+, and I guarantee you won’t be risking this tiny investment either in freeing yourself to be even more successful immediately.

Las Vegas, NV, October 31, 2024, Venue to be announced, 9 am to 4 pm (afternoon optional)

Morning only: $950, Full day: $1,250 You must attend the morning to attend the afternoon (If you register prior to June 1 you can take $100 off the morning or $200 off the full day fees.)

Thought Leadership 2024


Thought Leadership 2024

I’m hosting a tenth Thought Leadership Conference, and our first such session post-pandemic, in the West Palm Beach, Florida area on September 10-12, 2024. This will probably be the last such “live” event of its kind since my future plans are to create a quarterly Zoom subscription for this endeavor in 2025 and beyond.

We will focus on:

  • The No Normal® of the workplace and how to market and succeed in continually turbulent times.
  • What the impending US presidential election will mean for professional services.
  • How to create weekly, relevant, dramatic IP.
  • Staying ahead of the innovation curve using your own past and continuing “body of work.”
  • Passive, global income generation—creation and sustainability.
  • Options for successful use of discretionary time.
  • Financial realities and metrics for safety and security (and prudent risk).
  • Topics raised in the prep work sent to participants.

We will have a special guest speaker whom I’ll announce soon. My newest book, Building Dynamic Communities: creating an evergreen client ecosystem, to be released in June, will be my gift to you, and the morning of the third day of the 2.5-day event will be optional and included in the fee. I’ll be “riffing” on that day on politics, society, education, personal wealth, and so forth.

The fee is $15,000, which includes rooms, breakfasts, lunches, and a cocktail reception. Finally, if you attend this session you may join the quarterly Zoom sessions next year for free, a $2,000 value.

In the Buyer’s Office

In the Buyer’s Office

I’ve been asked to elaborate on the extremely popular “In the Buyer’s Office” videos on a regular basis. So I’m going to stop whining about doing it, and do it. I’m offering a 1.5-day, live session in Rhode Island during which everyone will get the chance to sell to the buyer and to be the buyer. You may record this if you like. You’ll learn how to, and apply how to:

  • Open the meeting gracefully and move quickly to your objective.
  • Handle distractions.
  • Overcome objections.
  • Reframe and pivot the conversation.
  • Create trust, find key issues, create conceptual agreement, and “pour cement.”
  • Create a resultant proposal with over an 80% probability of acceptance of options 2 or 3.

For those of you who can’t travel or are afraid of TSA, I’m offering the same experience (as much as possible) virtually over the course of three mornings. All of this will be recorded for distribution.

Live: June 4-5, 2024 —9AM-4PM and 9AM-12PM.
Venue to be announced.
Zoom: May 7, 8, 9, 2024—9AM-12PM.

Creating Dynamic Communities

Creating Dynamic Communities

I’ve been asked for years how people can replicate my worldwide community, which is operating 24/7 virtually and in real time. Is it solely possible with entrepreneurs and the “retail” market, or can it be done with corporate clients and executives?

These communities (don’t confuse them with “tribes” which are exclusionary) provide huge business development benefits:

  • Evangelism among members to engage more thoroughly
  • The Chain Reaction of Attraction® which creates exponential growth when community members themselves attract others
  • A laboratory to test ideas and allow others to suggest ideas
  • High profile as THE expert and THE thought leader
  • “Guaranteed” subscription to new offerings and projects to create immediate critical mass and success
  • Instant marketing with zero investment
  • Smooth progression form virtual interactions (e.g., internet-based) to real-time experiences (e.g., conferences, symposia, and so forth)
  • Impressive creation of high quality marketing lists (a good return on most lists is considered 2%, my lists generate 10%)
  • Powerful brand building and brand extension
  • Value accruing to you even when you are not present because members wouldn’t know each other without you
  • Immediate tests of new IP

May 15-16, 1.5 days, at my place! $5,000 Includes my hosting dinner and 60 days of support.

Million Dollar Consulting® Global Online Program

Million Dollar Consulting® for the World

I’ve provided 14 modules with videos from me, from your colleagues globally, slides, and text. They include everything from launch to self-esteem, proposals to fees, closing business to creating a brand. No upsells! It’s only $115. What do you think about a 10,000:1 ROI? We have over 500 people from 47 countries.

Million Dollar Consulting® Global Online Program ADVANCED

New: Million Dollar Consulting® for the World ADVANCED

The new program contains over 60 videos and has 15 modules focusing on what to do in the buyer’s office, overcoming crises, financial planning, and much, much more.

Sentient Strategy Certification

Sentient Strategy Certification

My new book on the topic released in March 2023, so this is an ideal time to market Sentient Strategy. Write me to apply, join over 70 people certified in six countries. One-time fee of $12,000, includes 90 days of my support, free admission to all future certifications, and admission to a private web board with other Sentient facilitators. In a recent program a particpant sold a $100,000 strategy program within 48 hours.


NOTE: I’ve reinstated my inexpensive, limited coaching program I last used during Covid because I’ve found people who need help right now growing their practices. I’ve offered it to past coaching participants, but I can handle several more people at this point. Five calls at your desire: review proposals, prepare for meetings, create passive income, etc. $2,024. You simply have to use them before the end of the year, 30 minutes each. Should pay for itself 20 times over. You can write to discuss ([email protected]) or sign up by paying here:

I'm an Old Cowhand...

When we were first married, we had little money, but wound up going to the Sheraton Waikiki in Honolulu (by going into debt), and thought we had gone to heaven.

One morning at breakfast in the rooftop restaurant, my wife commented on how cute the salt and pepper shakers were, shaped like small airplanes. She popped them in her handbag.

“You can’t do that!” I said. “We’ll get in trouble.”

“Don’t be silly,” she said waving her hand, “they’re probably meant as souvenirs, and no one will notice, anyway.”

I charged the bill to our room and we left. About 20 minutes later there was a knock on the door, and I opened it to see two men in trench coats and Fedoras (I am NOT making this up), both over six feet in height.

“Mr. Weiss?” one said.

“Yes,” I admitted.

“We’re security and we have a report of theft at your table in the restaurant this morning.”

“Oh, just a minute,” I said, and turning from the door, yelled into the bedroom, “Honey, it’s for you!!”

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