I work somewhat “backwards.” When I want to sell a book idea to a publisher, I begin with a premise (what’s in it for the reader), and an annotated table of contents (what is each chapter about).


Balancing Act®: The Newsletter

(No. 278, October 2022)

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Balancing Act® is in three sections:

  1. The Backwards Forward Progress
  2. The Human Condition: Inured
  3. ORTIYKMWOYBNT-O Department

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Some of my favorites

I work somewhat “backwards.” When I want to sell a book idea to a publisher, I begin with a premise (what’s in it for the reader), and an annotated table of contents (what is each chapter about). The first “yes” I need is from the acquisitions editor (or my agent if I go that route).

Once the book is bought, I then decide what actually goes into each chapter, and that often departs from the original plan.

When I want to obtain business, I discuss with the buyer the salutary results the buyer would like to achieve to improve the business, and why they are so valuable. In the ensuing proposal, I focus on the those objectives and their value to provide a dramatic ROI. I never discuss methodology (I talk about “what” and not “how”) and I close 80% of my proposals.

Once I begin the project, I decide exactly what techniques to employ, and they often depart from the original plan.

Of course, you may have even better methods to achieve success. I’m merely trying to highlight the utility and engaging in outcomes first and then later adjusting to your actual conditions. I coached a woman famed for her expertise in leadership. But she wanted to begin talking about “presence,” though she was being sought for “leadership.”

I told her to accept the speeches for leadership, walk up to the mic and say, “Good morning, my first point about leadership is that it’s really about presence….”

No one buys a drill, no matter what the features, unless they need a hole.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself


I was in a conversation for my podcast with a global leader now living in London who firmly believes that not only are business and government not on separate paths, but that only the synergy between the two can solve our major problems. I mentioned that people seem inured to problems, because on the broadcast news in the US you hear a “happy talk” news reader say, “And that’s the latest about the fighting at the Ukraine nuclear plant. Now, Vickie, what about the weekend weather?”

He said to me, “You’re far removed, but Ukraine is a two-hour drive once you’re across the channel. It’s on the front pages here.“ (I’ll be in London in December, and we’ll see.)

Inflation affects nearly everyone, so nearly everyone is sensitive to it. Flight cancellations are horrid, but they affect only those who are flying. The same with traffic jams. Natural disasters are terrible, but not as much as when you’re in one.

Marshall McLuhan said, “The price of eternal vigilance is indifference.” That’s why some items in luggage aren’t seen by screeners, and why some of those people sitting in missile silos are actually asleep or catching up on their reading.

And this applies to all causes, no matter how worthy. If you keep trying to hit me in the face about it every single day it loses its true import. Approach me with a unique, emotional appeal and I’ll listen. But simply paying lip service to it every day and you’re lost in the noise.

I'm an Old Cowhand...

Not long ago I heard that scary announcement on the plane, “Do we have any doctors or medical personnel on board?” I’m worried about the person’s health but, candidly, also about a lengthy emergency landing and delay. In this case it was just shortness of breath and the person was fine.

This happened to me once about ten years ago and two doctors aboard successfully treated someone. The pilot announced the results and invited the doctors to take two empty seats near us in first class, to everyone’s applause.

There were two guys in front of us. One said, “Why don’t they ever ask if there are any accountants on board?”

The other said, “Do you really want a doctor who can only afford coach?”

Development Opportunities


As mundane as it sounds, the most successful entrepreneurs build great lists of prospects. I call “reach” the combination of large lists that are populated by buyers and recommenders, quantity plus quality. Join me to learn how to build these lists, “evangelize” them, cleanse them, and utilize them for virtually zero cost of acquisition of new business—live, remote, and passive. Three hours on Zoom, also recorded: alanweiss.com/growth-experiences/reach/ There are a lot of consultants with excellent ideas and methodology who simply can’t get on radar screens. This is how you do it.

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The Remote Millionaire

The Remote Millionaire

I think we’ve learned from the pandemic that we can be ever more valuable on a remote basis. This session will focus on how to install that as a major (or entire) aspect of your business. Check out what’s available for you: alanweiss.com/growth-experiences/remote-millionaire/. This could change all your future planning.

Return to London

Meet Me in London

I’ll be hosting a two-day, high-level discussion of likely business futures globally, financial considerations, global passive income, the new realities of sales, new approaches to strategy, and so forth. There will be a limit of eight people. I’ll also conduct a full-day experience for a larger group, probably a limit of 30, for an entire day which will address new approaches to value based fees, the five essential short-term revenue generators, role playing difficult conversations, the advanced Accelerant Curve, and scaling the practice. At the Baglioni Hotel, across from Hyde and Kensington Parks.

Million Dollar Consulting® Global Online Program

Million Dollar Consulting® for the World

I’ve provided 14 modules with videos from me, from your colleagues globally, slides, and text. They include everything from launch to self-esteem, proposals to fees, closing business to creating a brand. No upsells! It’s only $115. What do you think about a 10,000:1 ROI? We have over 500 people from 47 countries.

Beyond Thought Leadership

Beyond Thought Leadership

I’m bringing six experts and huge successes from five countries, spanning the globe, to a 2.5 session with a series of 90-minute interviews I’ll conduct, plus new IP and case studies. The seventh interview will be with me. Nothing else like this, and it’s far too difficult to coordinate schedules to do it again. So it’s now or never. Learn from your peers how they have scaled their business and built great lives. W Hotel, South Beach, Miami.

Million Dollar Consulting® College

Million Dollar Consulting® College

I’ve been asked to run this again, and I miss it, so I’m going to do it on December 13-15 (2.5 days) in Castle Hill, Newport, RI, my usual stomping grounds. The beach houses in the winter are fantastic. There’s a great holiday atmosphere that time of year. It will be on my site next week. I’ll be focusing on what I’ve seen as the critical areas for success: brand-building, accelerating referrals, provocative IP, low labor revenue focus, the post-pandemic lasting realities, and so forth.

The fee is $15,000, which includes lodging, breakfast, lunch, breaks, and one dinner. If you catch me at the bar, it could include two dinners. I’m also going to take time to show how I create this and other workshops, step by step, live or remote. Past grads are welcome to attend for $5,000.


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