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Reach: How to build high quality lists and contacts
October 26, 2022
10 AM Eastern US Time
A recording will be distributed.

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Join me on October 26 at 10 AM US eastern time for three hours of a dynamic Zoom broadcast. The fee is $1,500. 

We’ll establish how to dynamically grow lists of buyers and recommenders, how to “cleanse” lists, the usefulness of differing lists, and how to use these without abusing these. I’ll also discuss privacy and “list evangelism.” 

It’s one thing to have a great idea. But it’s not so great if no one knows about it. I learned my error early in not creating not just quantitative but qualitative lists. The typical “cold mailing” is considered hugely successful at 1.5% positive response, and few achieve it. I achieve about a 5% response.

No matter how high powered the car, you have to know how to drive it. And no matter how good your driving skills, you won’t get very far with a clunker of a car. 

Learn how to reach out to legitimate buyers and recommenders for your business so that they reach back!

It will of course be recorded.

The fee is $1,500.

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