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Alan’s Guide to Powerful Teleconferencing


  • Need a high quality list or network who knows you and your brand.
  • Must focus on need and pragmatics.
  • Don’t expect web site or passive advertising to create critical mass.
  • Offer for free if you must build interest.
  • Shortcut: Link or ally with someone already owning audience.


  • Use a reputable bridge line provider.
  • Make sure you record it and can secure MP3 downloads.
  • Use a landline phone without headset for your delivery.
  • Make sure you have capacity to mute entire group.


  • Use bullet points so that you are conversational, not scripted.
  • Ignore errors. I fell of my chair twice within one minute during a broadcast.
  • Always try to include Q&A if appropriate.
  • Practice for length and comfort.
  • Have extra material in case you run short.
  • Know in advance what to cut in case you run long.
  • Have a comfortable, private place to do it.


  • Remind everyone of protocols 24-48 hours prior, because they get lost.
  • Have an emergency number in case lines are not functioning.
  • Secure the appropriate size bridge line.
  • Allow people to gather about 5 minutes prior, but end and hang up on time.
  • If you have an interview, include that person on the moderator line.
  • Arrange with your own audio person to download and make into product.


  • Use humor in the form of stories; only ad lib if you’re a genius. (You’re not.)
  • Have a discernable beginning, middle, and ending.
  • Be provocative.
  • Use inflection, volume, power language, and tone variations.
  • Anywhere from 45-60 minutes is fine.
  • Be careful about references that will date the recording if you intend to use one.
  • Build your brand and your expertise.
  • Bear in mind product attraction (e.g., numbered lists).


  • Use as CD, in albums, and/or MP3s.
  • Sell on web site, to trade associations, etc.
  • Send people to your web site, blog, etc., with offers of value.
  • Use prior ones to sell future ones.
  • Put excerpts on your home page as streaming audio.
  • Send out physical materials before or after electronically.
  • Copyright the CD or any physical creation.
  • Pricing depends on brand, content, length, etc.
  • Low end pricing, $25; high end pricing $100+.
  • You can sell a “line” to a company, not just to individuals.

Other Stuff

  • They need to be consistent and continual, at varying delivery times.
  • Vary them with interviews, Q&A, case studies, etc.
  • Respect your audience and make them stretch; don’t pander.
  • Remember YOUR purpose; 5,000 non-buying listeners are ego-only.
  • Be careful to whom you listen for advice.