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Alan’s Ten Step Program to More Powerful Persuasion

Build your vocabulary daily

  • Write down and look up words you don’t know
  • Strive for “mid-high” level speech

Create and practice metaphors, analogies, and examples

  • Use repeatedly until natural
  • Keep examples contemporary through reading

Understand the other person’s behavioral comfort zone

  • Flexibly change your own behavioral set
  • Use emotion, not logic, to spur to action

Listen 80% of the time

  • Employ effective listening techniques
  • Allow silences and don’t seek to fill them

Visualize and anticipate

  • Consider the conversational options in advance
  • Create an articulate response to every likely objection

Focus on output, not input

  • Transfer your mental set to result and outcome
  • Distinguish between them with the other party

Avoid defensiveness

  • Use judo and momentum to reverse direction
  • Ask “why”

Provide options, not a fait accompli

  • Move the discussion from “if” to “how”
  • Engage the other in the diagnosis

Move through a series of small “yeses”

  • Know your business model
  • Gain conceptual agreement methodically

Always concentrate on value, never price, cost, or fee

  • Never voluntarily discuss fees
  • Defray questions about fee in the other’s best interests