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Bibliography and Suggested Reading for Cold Calling

Boyan, Lee, Successful Cold Call Selling (second edition), Amacom: 1989.

Scripts for nearly every contingency, tips for dealing with receptionists and gatekeepers, useful questions to ask, etc.

Geraghty, Barbara, Visionary Selling: How to get to top executives-and how to sell them when you’re there, Simon & Schuster: 1998.

How to meet and mingle with top executives, what to say, how to say it, and how to bridge from meeting to closing.

Goldner, Paul S., Red-Hot Cold Call Selling: Prospecting techniques that pay off, Amacom: 1995.

Prospecting and making contact over the phone. How to gain attention quickly and how to prevent phone calls from killing you.

Heiman, Stephen E., et. al., The New Strategic Selling, Warner: 1998.

A semi-classic, one of the original references to an “economic buyer,” focuses on both strategy and tactics for escaping the gatekeeper.

Rackham, Neil, SPIN Selling, McGraw-Hill: 1988.

This has become a cult classic in terms of actual scientific studies of what prompts people to accept calls and to make buying decisions. “SPIN” stands awkwardly for “situation, problem, implication, and need-payoff.”

Weiss, Alan, How to Acquire Clients, Jossey-Bass/Pfeiffer: 2002.

My fourth book in “The Ultimate Consultant Series,” and the newest of the sales books around. Focuses on a systematic selling sequence, the next “yes,” and adapting to various buyers’ styles.

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