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How to Maximize Fees in Professional Service Firms:
A Handbook for Professionals

The methods for creating high-value client relationships and receiving commensurate fees for that value. Provides a provocative set of questions, keys and approaches which any professional can apply to his or her practice, irrespective of the field. Useful for the individual practitioner, small business owner, or individual member of any professional services firm.

Rejoicing in Diversity:
How to Accept and Embrace Diversity for Its Intrinsic Value

The antithesis of “managing diversity,” this work enables managers to understand the value of diversity in terms of subtle and misunderstood barriers, and provides techniques to create an organization richer for its diverse nature. Equally useful as a guide for line management and as a basis for human resource professionals to build educational programs.

Doing Well by Doing Right:
Guidelines for Ethical Management Practices

Why ethical management is a practical business requirement, and how to identify and eliminate ethical dilemmas. Provides insight into internal conflicts and customer conflicts, and the surprising reasons for most unethical behavior on the job. Effective for individual learning and workshops utilizing group discussion.

Raising the Bar
Continuous Improvement As A Way of Life

How to anticipate, recognize and exploit opportunity, whether on the job or in one’s personal life. Provides examples from the public and private sectors, on the small and grand scale, as to how opportunity is always knocking but few recognize the sound. Includes sources of opportunity, how to escape problem solving, and how to reward the process.

Leadership Every Day:
How to Influence and Lead Others Efficiently and Effectively

Provides the range of leadership alternatives, and overcomes the focus on a “perfect style.” Uses practical variables such as time management, subordinate development, commitment and quality to help determine which styles are best in what circumstances. Debunks the esoteric notions of vision and lofty mission statements, and provides practical help for leadership every day with customers, employees, vendors and the public.


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