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Million Dollar Maverick®


I’m told this is my 63rd book, counting foreign translations and revised editions. Whoever thought? I’m a guy originally from modest means who quite simply looked at the wealth and opportunity…

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Bestselling author, Alan Weiss has done it again!

Million Dollar Maverick® sold thousands of copies even prior to the official release date.

Why should you buy this book?

When it comes to how to succeed as an entrepreneur, we are besotted with advice. According to Alan, success is a combination of opportunism, very disciplined work, luck, timing, and ignoring most conventional advice. In other words, it means striking out on your own, original path to success.

In Million Dollar Maverick® he explains that entrepreneurs don’t follow other’s paths, they create their own value and then monetize it. They do what they love and are great at and find a way to attract people to their value. They do not—contrary to “conventional wisdom”—chase money. They attract money. And most of all they think differently, act decisively—and, if talent and timing are with them, succeed quickly.

Drawing on over thirty years of experience as a consultant, speaker, and global expert, Alan shares his story and “Million Dollar Mindset Tips,” not found in any of his other books, to help entrepreneurs gain influence, build confidence, and develop the critical thinking skills they need to discover the inside track to rapid success.


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