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Threescore and More


Just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean you’re “Finished”

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Threescore and More

Applying the Assets of Maturity, Wisdom, and Experience for Personal and Professional Success

Just because you’re over 50 doesn’t mean you’re “Finished”

We live in a biased culture where those once revered for age and wisdom are no longer regarded as useful, but only as in the way.

Where people are forced to “retire,” though not required by competence or ability.

Where they are no longer honored or respected.

Where they are forced into enclosed communities as if not relevant in the general population.

Where the young are waiting for “their turn,” as if involved in a zero-sum game where everyone can’t be successful together.

But you can change the status quo and this old, irrelevant thinking.



Aging allows you to be on top of your game. You have the benefit of decades of experience, wisdom, and maturity. You can take these gifts and apply them for greater success in your personal and professional life. Immediately. Continually.

Threescore and More isn’t just a book. It’s a life-changing experience. Applying the principles inside will energize and rejuvenate you. It will give you hope that you can consistently create the life you want. You’ll learn that aging doesn’t weaken you, it gives you power—and that power increases as you continue to age. Life can be abundant. Life can be fulfilling. And it can increase in contribution and enrichment every year.

Written by best-selling and globally renowned author Alan Weiss, Threescore and More will enable you to discover how to use the gifts that can only come with age for a more fulfilling life.


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