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The Power of Personal Worth and Fulfillment


Building self-worth is the lever I’ve been able to use most often to help people achieve, triumph, and overcome.I don’t want to interrupt your day, I want to make your day.



The Power of Personal Worth and Fulfillment

When I began coaching entrepreneurs and business owners 30 years ago, I was convinced that undercapitalization was the key obstacle to success. I thought that people were underestimating the money they’d need and overestimating the revenues they’d generate.

I was completely wrong.

The obstacle then and the obstacle now is a lack of self-worth, a feeling of inadequacy, a belief that one is an “imposter” who will be identified and humiliated.

This phenomenon is worse today than ever before, because the world is far more complex, options are overwhelming, advice gushes forth like a flow of lava, and people we think to be role models in sports, business, entertainment, and politics often turn out to be frauds. The greatest opponent most of us ever face is the voice inside our heads whispering (and sometimes yelling), “You don’t deserve this,” “Why would they listen to you?”, “That fee is far too high for your talents,” “When someone really good shows up you’ll be cast aside,” and so on.\


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