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Andy Bass PhD

Andy Bass PhD.

Andy Bass PhD is the founder of Bass Clusker Consulting, a leadership and strategy consultancy that helps organizations do better and faster work with the resources they already have. In contrast to conventional methods, Andy’s approach, which he calls “Releasing Change,” uses the strengths and potential already there, without needing to add resources (which often create needless complexity), or cut resources, (which risks removing something valuable). Andy’s Releasing Change process happens in three stages:

    1. we find ways to tap into unexploited energy which can boost new initiatives
    2. we focus that energy by putting it in the right ‘container’ (not too restrictive, but enough to ensure effectiveness)
    3. we fine-tune the inevitable challenges that come up, in order to keep everything on track.

Andy speaks on all of aspects of releasing, refocusing and redirecting change.

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