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Podcasts Series: Brave New World

Alan Weiss on the 7 Keys to A World Which Will Never Be the Same Interviewed by Rebecca Hanson Law of Attraction Training Center, Victoria, Canada Listen to this great podcast interview. [podcast]http://www.contrarianconsulting.com/wp-content/podcasts/AlanWeissRebeccaHanson.mp3[/podcast] and now also on iTunes http://www.contrarianconsulting.com/alan-weiss-interviewed-by-rebecca-hanson/ Click Here for entire podcast

[podcast]http://www.contrarianconsulting.com/wp-content/podcasts/SylvaLeduc_InterviewWith_AlanWeiss.mp3[/podcast]Sylva Leduc of Sage Leaders, conducts this interview on behalf of the Arizona Chapter of the Institute of Management Consultants. In this podcast you will learn about: The origins, rational, and implementation for value based fees, self esteem, the accelerant