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Alan’s Promotional Potholes

Don’t Drive Near These

  1. Failure to use compelling words and phrases. “We assist in growth…” is weak compared to, “We are your partner in dramatic growth…”
  2. Lack of third-party testimonials and support. It’s much more effective to allow someone else to tell your story.
  3. Degrading others rather than elevating yourself. Don’t disparage the competition…ignore them.
  4. Inconsistent promotion. Your brand, value proposition, values, and messages must be uniform and consistently applied across electronic media, press kits, collateral material, conversation, speeches, third-party references.
  5. Associating yourself with “names” as if osmosis will promote you. Being in a book with “famous authors” or sharing a media event for a fee with “experts” only impresses the people who cashed your check for the dubious distinction.
  6. The belief that your “message” is sufficient. Aphorisms, affirmations, and adages all cool in the noonday sun. You must bring pragmatic ideas which demonstrably improve people.
  7. Ignoring the true, economic buyer. Promoting to non-buyers, gatekeepers, and intermediaries is a waste of marketing money and time.
  8. Being inarticulate in your own value and outcomes. Most speakers and consultants become tongue-tied if they’re doing anything beyond describing their own methodology. But you must answer this question: “What’s in it for the buyer?”
  9. Conformance. Everyone has the same video, the same stories, the same coaches, the same web design. BORING. You’re better off being an imperfect original than a perfect copy.
  10. Lack of long-term focus. You must promote daily, consistently, and relentlessly. Every highly successful person you meet in the business is constantly promoting and marketing. Think about it.

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