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Alan Weiss’s 2007 Teleconference Series


Alan Weiss’s 2007 Teleconference Series. Featuring 10 Interviews that will help you learn how an entrepreneur reaches his dream, as well as The art in business and business in the arts.

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Alan Weiss’s 2007 Teleconference Series


An Interview with The Interviewer

An interview with the interviewer: Aviv Shahar interviews Alan Weiss about his keys to success, failures, landmark experiences; dating Miss Finland, spirituality, and much, much more!

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Click here to learn more about Aviv Shahar



An Interview with Dan Corley, Founder, Community Preparatory School, “How Entrepreneurs Realize the Dream”

Learn how an entrepreneur reaches his dream, obtains financing, coordinates disparate interests, and transitions to delegation. A terrific interview of an inner city private school, where the founder didn’t leap beyond his own vision and instead focused on creating continuity that is bigger than he.

Dan Corley is the epitome of an entrepreneur in an unlikely setting: inner city education. He and a partner founded Community Prep reported through the years in the national media as an extraordinary school to provide a profound learning experience for economically disadvantaged youth. Their graduates move on to some of the finest schools in the country with an astoundingly high placement rate. Spend an hour with us and learn about the political, economic, societal, and emotional challenges that you overcome when you’re determined to make a dream a reality. If Dan can do it in education, we can do it almost anywhere.



An Interview with Frank Maguire, American Entrepreneurial Original, “Connecting the Head to the Heart”

Hear Frank Maguire talk about the elements of charisma, the need for competency, character and courage, and how Fedex achieved its place in innovative companies (he helped with the “absolutely, guaranteed….” campaign). Learn as Frank and Alan discuss politics, CEO pay, self-esteem and a dozen other topics as they relate to the global world of the future corporation. Most importantly, master what they discuss about innovation, and the ability of the entrepreneur to see what others can’t.



An Interview with Joan Countryman, Former Head, the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls and Former Head, Lincoln School — “The Nature and Relationship of Education, Leadership, and Business”

Joan Countryman chats with Alan about what it was like to set up Oprah Winfrey’s Academy in South Africa; what the role of private school education is in society; why all-girls’ schools are a better learning experience than coed alternatives; why she believes that even minor grammar violations are worth correcting; and much more about society, education, and ethics in the coming years.



An Interview with Curt Columbus, Artistic Director, Trinity Repertory Company — “The Arts in Society, and the Business of the Arts”

The art in business and business in the arts. A frank discussion with one of theater’s shining lights about art as escape and art as reality; how to build consensus with a multitude of constituencies; why the theater has deteriorated; how you involve the community in your endeavors.



An Interview with Robert Carothers, Ph.D., President, University of Rhode Island — “The Changing Role of the University in Society and Business”

Hear why debt is the biggest contributor to low SAT scores for teachers, and why higher education has traveled from the common good of society to the enrichment of the individual. Some myths will be exploded, such as the U.S. being the center of the highest quality in higher education, and how government policy post-911 has adversely impacted the richness of our educational experience. Other topics include ethics, the “Duke 88,” the loss of liberal arts education, and many others.



2007 Teleconference Audio Programs
An Interview with Drew Davis, CEO, American Press Institute — “The Media Present and Future and Its Impact on Business”

Learn how newspapers are coping with change, how the news industry and media compete well and not so well, the surprisingly best way to get publicity in a newspaper, why Katy Couric’s appointment had nothing to do with news, and why newspapers measure types and television measures tonnage. A provocative, compelling interview with the CEO of the American Press Institute AND a very modern major general.



An Interview with Jeff Herman — “The Fast Track to A Commercially Published Book”

Learn from Jeff and Alan when and how to begin a book, why you want strong competition, and what the acquisitions editors are really looking for. If you really have a book within you, this CD will help you get it into print.



An Interview with Marilyn Martiny — “How Hewlett-Packard Chooses Consultants: The IT Factor”

Learn how a buyer and key project leader at Hewlett-Packard chose consultants and nurtured the relationships. Marilyn discusses the best and worst methods to approach such Fortune 50 buyers, why she readily pursues business for them with colleagues, and how to rapidly insinuate yourself into even sophisticated and complicated corporate cultures. Now a consultant herself, Marilyn shares the perspective from both sides of the desk in this unique interview that Alan conducts with a ten-year client.



An Interview with Keith Darcy — “Ethics in Corporate America: Polar Star or Oxymoron?”

An hour-long interview conducted by Alan Weiss with Keith Darcy, one of the foremost thinkers on ethics in business in America. The former banking executive and ethics foundation CEO chats with Alan on the current state of ethics in business; why the home, church, and schools are failing to instill ethics; and the very nature of societal pressures counteracting ethical behavior. There are questions from our live audience which contribute to making this one of the finest dialogues on ethical conduct and its future that you are likely to hear for quite some time. Two thought leaders discuss the power and pitfalls of ethical conduct in 21st Century America in a concise session which will leave you provoked and empowered.

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The Interviewer, How Entrepreneurs Realize the Dream, Connecting the Head to the Heart, The Nature and Relationship of Education, The Arts in Society, and the Business of the Arts, The Changing Role of the University in Society, The Media Present and Future and Its Impact on Business, The Fast Track to A Commercially Published Book, How Hewlett-Packard Chooses Consultants: The IT Factor, Ethics in Corporate America: Polar Star or Oxymoron?


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