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Ferocious Time Management


Date: May 18, 2022
Location: San Diego, CA
Venue: TBD



Ferocious Time Management

I’m tired of wasting my time hearing people tell me they have no time!!

In a rare appearance in San Diego, I’m going to help you viciously organize yourself so that you have time to close business, deliver a remote speech, create a book outline, and learn to tame wild beasts before lunch.

Seriously, time is “elastic,” and you can stretch it to accommodate what you need to accomplish. Moreover, most people work too hard to achieve too little. Discretionary time is wealth, not money, but we’re prone to work so hard chasing money that we erode out wealth.

In this six-hour, live session, we’ll:

  • Create greater output in a 20-hour week
  • Focus on simple, highly effective priority systems
  • Convert from sequential activities to concurrent activities
  • Eliminate time-suckers (non-human and human)
  • Transfer as much work as possible to the client
  • Stop doing failure work
  • Stop doing others’ failure work
  • Create effective calendars and planners
  • Learn how to effectively say “No”
  • Achieve a truly blended life


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