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The Incredible Inexpensive Workshop


Date: May 21, 2024
Time: 10:30AM Eastern US Time
Details: I require video be on during my sessions, no photo “placeholders.” Bring your own coffee. This is for your exclusive use and the video is not to be shared. No smoking, no cell phones.



The Incredible Inexpensive Workshop

I am focusing on helping people who might not otherwise be able to afford my support, and have done so with an inexpensive coaching program and my two platforms, Million Dollar Consulting® Online Learning.

I’m going to do this with a Zoom workshop on a topic that I find most people find trouble mastering: How to Introduce New Value to Existing Clients, Past Clients, and Prospective Clients.

I’ve found when I do such things that even successful “veterans” show up to further hone their skills. This isn’t some recycled program: It’s all new stuff, and it’s recorded if you can’t make it “live.”

What is “inexpensive” you might ask? I’m glad you did. It’s $100, and that’s it. The session will be 90 minutes and you’ll get that recording. People have to have some “skin in the game” because I don’t want people simply “dropping in” for no good reason.

Because of the ridiculously low fee, and the fact you get a recording even if you don’t attend, there are no refunds (unless I don’t show up). Your credit card receipt will suffice, I won’t be sending any other receipts or invoices.

What am I going to cover? Well, business growth builders like these:

  • Obtaining new business from clients (not repeat business) through the intelligent combination of client need, environmental realities, and your unique IP.
  • Developing contemporary IP weekly and fast-track trademarking.
  • Becoming a media “star” to draw people to you.
  • Periodic, penetrating, publishing (written, video, and audio) that is easy to produce.
  • How to engage with anyone in an authoritative, expert manner and gain their trust.
  • How to comfortably become more New York and less California.

There will be more, and I’ll stay on past the 90 minutes if there are questions I haven’t answered.



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