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How to Organize Your Time, Priorities, and Life in A New World


Previously recorded Livestream from May 21, 2020



How to Organize Your Time, Priorities, and Life in A New World

I’m weary of hearing people speak of “overwhelm” as though it’s a communicable disease, or gum that can’t be scraped off a shoe (or worse).

The phrase, “I don’t have time to do that” is inherently specious. You do have time, you’ve just chosen to use it in another way. And the “other way” is usually not even a conscious choice, but one forced on you through others’ needs, guilt, poor priority setting, or the squeakiest wheel.

I get more done between 6 and 8 am than most people do in a day, and more from 9 to noon than most people in a week.

Carve out one hour from your very busy schedule, your “overwhelm,” your sense of lack of control, to spend with me and learn quickly to apply these tenets:

  • Time elasticity: How you can get a lot more done in any time frame than you think.
  • Procrastination elimination: How to reverse your inertia.
  • Creating new truths: It takes as long to do something as you decide it takes, and your current decisions are far too conservative and fearful.
  • Exploiting social media: Understanding at which end of the dog the tail is located. (How to be effective on social media in a tenth the time you now spend.)
  • First time accuracy: Avoiding self-editing and the time required to endlessly seek perfection.
  • Single-tasking: Multi-tasking is absurd and guarantees more than one thing is ruined at once. Learn RST.
  • Race prep: How to organize your next day with ruthless and relentless precision.
  • Acquired tone-deafness: The sources you should absolutely ignore with confidence to get on with your life.

Spend 50 minutes with me and gain 50 days a year. It’s really that simple. But concentrate, I’m not sitting in the lodge drinking brandy, I’m six yards ahead of you on the slopes. Keep your knees bent and your head up.


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