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Best Practices in Consulting Workshop


This 1.5-day intensive, interactive workshop is for both new and veteran consultants. Unlike all of Alan’s previous developmental offerings, this session will not focus at all on marketing, sales, or practice management.



Best Practices in Consulting Workshop

How to Consult and Achieve Dramatic Results, Delight Your Clients, and Minimize Labor Intensity

For the second time, Alan Weiss is presenting a comprehensive workshop on the techniques, methodology, approaches, and secrets that have made him “one of the most highly respected independent consultants in the country” (the New York Post). This hasn’t been delivered since 2005-06 during the initial tour in Providence, Sydney, and London. Over 200 people attended those three events.

Alan is adding some new twists and turns, which he’s learned over the past few years. But the session will be about 80% identical to the original offerings.

This 1.5-day intensive, interactive workshop is for both new and veteran consultants. Unlike all of Alan’s previous developmental offerings, this session will not focus at all on marketing, sales, or practice management.

This session is about becoming outstanding at a variety of basic and advanced consulting approaches.

Participants, through a combination of discussion, case studies, role-plays, and preparation material will learn high-powered approaches which will include:

  • How to conduct interviews and focus groups.
  • How to design surveys.
  • How to really coach using behavioral objectives.
  • Which instruments are effective and which are invalid and dangerous.
  • How to interpret and change culture.
  • The role of exemplars and how to co-opt them.
  • How to overcome internal resistance.
  • How to absolutely minimize labor intensity.
  • Best practices in acquiring, managing, and compensating sub-contractors.
  • How to obtain and utilize client resources and accommodations.
  • How to secure and use the buyer’s clout to overcome obstacles.
  • Design and use of 360° instruments.
  • How to evaluate and employ a contingency leadership methodology.
  • Master facilitation skills.
  • Gaining discretionary time while accelerating project results.
  • Best practices in remote consulting practices.
  • How to formulate strategy and avoiding the hackneyed “SWOT.”
  • How to provide rational problem solving and decision making skills.
  • How to provide feedback, confront, and challenge the client.
  • How to avoid creating political problems and focus on evidence.
  • The “11 classic, boring, OD issues.”
In addition, every participant will:
  • Receive copies of Alan’s two new, co-authored books, The Global Consultant and The Power of Strategic Commitment.*
  • Receive copies of two of Alan’s most popular CDs: High Performance Coaching and Framing Skills.
  • Receive detailed preparation work to maximize application to actual challenges currently faced.
  • Receive 30 minutes of phone coaching 60 days after the session to maximize application of the concepts.

* Distributed at the session.

Start the Next Year With Great Consulting Models

There is simply no other professional development on consulting skills of this quality anywhere. (“Alan Weiss is a worldwide expert in executive education”-Success Magazine.) Take your existing practice to a new level of effectiveness or jump-start your new practice.

What are you waiting for? There is nothing to equal this consulting content, and it’s the first time it’s being shared.


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