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Questions I’ve Never Been Asked


A recording of the March 9, 2021 session



Questions I’ve Never Been Asked

This is in the league of my Spirituality Workshop, Mystery Workshop, and Workshop Workshop in terms of my passion for providing unique value and original programming.

I’ve been interviewed thousands of times, coached thousands of people, made thousands of speeches. Not many people can claim that. One of my books, Alan Weiss on Consulting, is nothing but interviews from three terrific interviewers.

Yet I’m always amazed by the questions I’ve never been asked. Let’s face it, I’m not an average guy. I’ve been around the block (over 60 countries to be exact). Maybe there are some things I’ve never shared because, as I think back, I’ve never been asked. If I were interviewing me, I’d be a lot more probing.

I’m aware of what’s “missing” so I’m going to delve into it. For example:

  • What have been my most embarrassing moments and what did I learn from them to improve?
  • What intimidated me to the point of being psychosomatically “ill” before the assignment?
  • Did I ever really “fake it” and on what occasions?
  • What have I said that I regret?

You’ll hear about these and scores of others in this self-interview (I got the idea from Ken Wilber’s A Brief History of Everything which I’ve been reading and in which he employs this technique). When I’ve worked with and chatted with Marshall Goldsmith, Jonah Berger, Dan Gilbert and a raft of other thought leaders, I’ve found we’re mostly asking each other questions and self-disclosing in response. (If Marshall and I had recorded our conversations in co-authoring Lifestorming we could have sold those for more than our respective coaching fees.)

And I’ll take questions throughout the session from attendees, and subsequently, by email, from those who watch the recording.

I guess it may be that only I can ask these questions, but I’m certain that you all can profit from the answers.


Consider this therapy that I’ve convinced you to pay me for.


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