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Come On, Man: Money, Money, Money, Money, Money (from Cabaret)

Come On, Man: Money, Money, Money, Money, Money (from Cabaret)

Shohei Ohtani, the baseball superstar, has just received a $700 million contract from the LA Dodgers (over ten years). That is equal to 1,400 Rolls Royces or ten 737 jets. He is a gifted ball player, but imagine taking, say, 25,000 people and giving them $28,000 each! I know, they can’t hit and pitch like he can, but aren’t we getting somewhat ridiculous about what we pay athletes and entertainers? He’s not being paid for performance, he gets the money even if his hitting declines and he makes errors in the field.

By the way, in yen that’s:102316900000.00

The average income in Japan is $41,000.

Of course his deals are better investments than the stuff that Harry and Meghan pulled off with the media, none of which has panned out, surprise, surprise.

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