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The Coming Business Renaissance


Come with me—I’ll show you the high speed lane.

Previously recorded from the January 15th, 2021 Livestream



The Coming Business Renaissance
How to Maximize Your Value and Expand Your Business

There is a business rebirth approaching, probably in the late first quarter or second quarter of 2021 globally. The indicators are all around us:

  • The stock market is continuing to rise, full of confidence
  • Stimulus packages will be coming with bi-partisan support in the US
  • The US election is completed and in January a peaceful transition of power will occur, as it always does
  • The vaccine for Covid will be in increasing supply and the mere perception of its presence will boost confidence
  • The recent surge of illness will have passed
  • Small businesses will begin investing again (small businesses are the largest creator of net, new jobs in North America)
  • Unemployment will fall
  • There will be a release of pent-up needs, such as vacation travel, entertainment, and exercise
  • Home sales will continue to rise as people move out of urban centers
  • Significant business contracts (such as orders currently in place for Boeing’s now-approved 737 Max) will increase as business risk is mitigated
  • New businesses and start-ups will proliferate to fill the voids left by unsuccessful enterprises

There are a great many additional reasons for optimism and to support a business explosion.

The question is, are you ready to embrace it and leverage the impact to help your clients and help yourself?

In this one-hour session, I’ll provide a dozen specific techniques beyond the obvious (ask for referrals, start networking, etc.) that we already know about and use (at least some of us). I’ll be talking instead about how to leverage the inadequacies of past strategies, how to permanently engage in remote advisory work, how to acquire business without being present, and how to create new, innovative offerings at any time at all.


You can’t beat the value and you can’t beat the fee. I’m doing this because I can. There will be no “ask,” I’m not going to tell you to send me more money to make videos that show other people how to make videos!

This is my offer to you simply to help you and to help professional services providers and entrepreneurs. I don’t need more of a reason than that. And I’d be surprised if you needed more of a reason to spend the hour with me.

Oh, yeah: I’m recording it and you can watch it at any time and as many times as you like.

You weren’t cognizant of your birth. But you need to be acutely aware of this rebirth. If you don’t prepare now, you’re going to choke in other people’s dust.


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