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Alan Weiss 101


In this home study course, you’ll go from starting a practice, to acquiring clients, to leveraging business, to non-labor intensive implementation, to living the lifestyle you desire.



Alan Weiss 101

Accelerating A Consulting and Speaking Career

Combining the pragmatic techniques from dozens of my 60+ books, I’ll show newcomers, people with a few years in the business (and those veterans who may want to admit they’ve been stuck in the slow lane!) on a whirlwind, six-hour trip from anonymity to accolade.

Here’s what you can expect to gain:

  • A powerful description of your value options
  • A crystal clear picture of your buyers—more varied than you may believe
  • Wider and more diverse markets than you currently think possible
  • “Reach out” techniques to gain business
  • Market Gravity™ techniques to attract business
  • Higher fee levels and bases than you currently use
  • The ability to move between speaking and consulting with ease
  • A blueprint to turn any “event” into a much more valuable process
  • Three vital time and labor intensity reduction techniques
  • Four dramatic techniques to remove self-esteem obstacles
  • The express lanes for turning intellectual capital into intellectual property
  • Personalized plans to live a guilt-free life with your success
  • The recognition and application that real wealth is discretionary time

The benefit of home study courses like this is that you’ll be able to accomplish all of this in the comfort of your home or office. What can be better than that?!


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