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In the Buyer’s Office


In the Buyer’s Office, converting conversations into cash! Obtain the maximum commitment from the buyer.



In the Buyer’s Office

Converting conversations into cash

In this unprecedented live streaming event, I will play the role of a consultant with a buyer (who will be played by Suzanne Bates, a globally-recognized expert and author on communications, with scores of CEO clients).

In the first role play, I’ll portray an “average” consultant, and the conversation, questions and results will reflect that. In the second role play, I’ll portray an excellent consultant who pursues the true value and results of the project, and produces a more effective proposal for the client and the consultant.

You will see how to:

  • Shepherd the conversation in the direction you choose, and avoid   meandering discussions.
  • Obtain the maximum commitment from the buyer.
  • Gain conceptual agreement in a short time.
  • Identify true measures of success.
  • Maximize the value in the buyer’s eyes and therefore maximize    your own fees.
  • Avoid multiple meetings and wasted time.
  • Act and behave as a peer of the buyer.

AND you’ll be able to ask questions in real time after the two role plays.

AND you’ll have a copy of this session to continually access.

AND you’ll receive a copy by email of each of the two proposals that result, so that you can see the differences between the two approaches!

I anticipate about 20 minutes for each role play, and then about 30 minutes of questions. The entire session should be no longer than 90 minutes.


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