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Thriving Through Ambiguity


Webinar recorded on May 4, 2020



Thriving Through Ambiguity

We talk about “volatility” and “disruption” but they are merely catalysts for a personal and business burden of ambiguity. We tend to thrive when we feel we’re in control, but crumble when we feel we’ve lost control.

The best leaders I’ve ever worked with and coached are those who thrive in ambiguity.

I’ve distilled seven tactics to help you not merely tolerate ambiguity but rather leverage the condition to gain momentum, to build market share, to increase repute….and….to seriously grow your business.

For example, ambiguity is about being open to more than one interpretation. What if you provided that interpretation? Or if you provided the process to make that interpretation? I’ll show you how to do that quickly and impressively. I’ll demonstrate how to command a meeting by creating solidity our of uncertainty that’s no less impressive than the magician making an assistant disappear. (Except this technique makes money appear.)

Watch a powerful, never-before-presented webinar on creating clarity and acceptance where others fear to tread, gaining you the following and the business every time.

Is that clear?


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