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Video Strategy, Tactics, Direction, and Production


Video Strategy, Tactics, Direction, and Production is designed to help improve all areas of your video production skills


Video Strategy, Tactics, Direction, and Production

by Rob Oddi

1 The Creative Critique

You’ve taken the plunge to create videos to market what you do and establish credibility. Whether they are professional videos you have shot in the past or DIY videos you currently are working on, this offering is a detailed audit of your video library to not only provide suggestions in terms of the technical aspects of your videos (sound, lighting, equipment, framing, etc) but also on messaging, story, and format to take both your content and video to the next level.


Fee: $5,000

2 Ideation and Creation

You’ve decided you want to include more video in your marketing and you need the right advisor in your corner to ensure you’re not wasting time and are able to get out great-looking quality content. We’ll strategize about your video creation including ideation, strategy, content creation, video formats and templates, basic equipment, techniques for producing high-quality video content. It’s not about just how to create the videos, it’s how to use the videos. It’s about how you take your IP to determine the most salient points and how to get that come across powerfully on video and then finding the best way to present it.  This program will save you countless hours and give you an edge to produce high-quality content.

This will include:

  • Two set calls per month via phone, skype, or other format
  • We will work together to create an effective strategy on how to get the most out of your video presence
  • We can generate countless ways to convert your IP into video content, how to set-up a reliable home recording studio and workflow
  • We’ll review, critique, and improve your videos to consistently raise the level of quality and impact of your video outputs including how to incorporate better storytelling and edutainment in what you do.
  • You’ll gain confidence in creating powerful videos on a regular basis and consistently improve both the content and quality of what you product
  • You’ll learn expert tips, shortcuts, and resources to use to make professional looking video


Fee: $12,000

3 The Director

It’s time to take your online marketing to the next level. You want high-quality video combined with the right story and high production value. You prefer to shoot several videos at once, and then leave it to the professionals do what they do best. The Director is a one-on-one session with Rob Oddi where he will work with you ahead of time to properly plan your messaging, story, and look-and-feel. You will then spend one day with him and his crew on-location in Toronto and record a series of high-quality high-impact outstanding professional videos to get your message out there. 

This will include:

  • Detailed pre-planning discussion around types of videos, content, scripting, and requirements. This includes how to best leverage your IP for video content and how to structure the format. 
  • Script reviews ahead of filming
  • Pre-shoot coaching and rehearsing
  • Professional video elements (professional credits/titling, color grading, professional audio, and animation)
  • Captioning for all videos
  • Revisions where required
  • Up to 10 videos 
  • On-location coaching and preparation
  • Videos shot in highest quality broadcast 4k with an award-winning team that has worked on projects for clients including Sears, Samsung, and Apple

All offerings include unlimited access to me for a period we both specify.


Fee: $17,000-$25,000 based on need and proposal details.


Special Addition:

Alan will review, improve, or actually create the language and wording to most powerfully sell your expertise and set you apart from the crowd. $4,500 per project.

"There are so many things that you realize you DON’T know when you work with Rob. His depth of expertise and experience is incredible which reassures you that you are in the right hands. From the outset, Rob delivered a ton of value by helping me take a rather average set of talking points and transform them into punchy, provocative insights that would attract viewers. Thank you, Rob!"

Jeff Skipper

"Rob has been my go-to advisor for all things video related from equipment to his brutally honest critiques of my content. I've loved being able to bounce ideas off Rob and get fast, practical feedback to dramatically improve my videos. I can send Rob a video I've shot or attempted to edit and with Rob's help, make simple changes and adjustment which instantly enhance the quality, look, feel, and value of my videos. Rob knows how to turn random video into a quality story, and stories sell"

Noah Fleming

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The Creative Critique, Ideation and Creation, The Director


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