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The Dog Star: Eye/Nose/Mouth Coordination

The Dog Star: Eye/Nose/Mouth Coordination

(The Dog Star is a symbol of power, will, and steadfastness of purpose, and exemplifies the One who has succeeded in bridging the lower and higher consciousness.

—Astrological Definition)

This morning, I had a small piece of biscuit left in the truck, and I handed it to Bentley in the back seat. He very gently took it with those tiny front teeth that Shepherds have. Of course, if he were protecting us from an intruder, he use the huge teeth and ferocious jaw pressure to try to take someone’s arm off. He discerns the difference.

Some of us, however, are very gentle with a prospective buyer who is in a position to make a decision, yet we readily accept, “Let’s talk next quarter,” taking that with small front teeth and trotting away with a scrap. Conversely, we sometime bite down too hard and go for the sale about two minutes after, “Hello,” scaring the prospect. We need more discernment in pursuing business.

Of course, prior to putting anything into his mouth, Bentley carefully smells what it is and decides in a nanosecond if it’s edible. We should sniff around more ourselves.

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