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Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 1/20/14

Alan Weiss’s Monday Morning Memo® – 1/20/14

January 20, 2014—Issue #226

This week’s focus point: It’s not difficult to be a smart business person or consultant, but it’s even easier, unfortunately, to be a bureaucrat. Rhode Island is considered a horrible state for business because of onerous taxes and ridiculous demands. The city in which I live, which has a great quality of life, recently sent a state-mandated form to be completed because I own a small business (as if I had a retail business). It took my tax people quite a while and will cost me over a thousand dollars in fees, which I don’t begrudge the tax firm. I owe the locality and state zero, but I was afraid of making an error in doing it myself and prompting still more time wasted. As a relatively smart businessman and consultant, allow me to remind everyone that stimulating business, reducing unnecessary expense, promoting hiring, and supporting investment are what’s important for the economy. Right now, at all levels, the bureaucrats seem to be in charge, and bureaucracy is the triumph of means over ends. Bureaucrats are people who can’t produce output, so they focus on the input.

Monday Morning Perspective: My husband wrote “Ol Man River,” Jerome Kern wrote da, da da, dah; da da, da, dah. — Dorothy Hammerstein after being told Jerome Kern wrote “Ol Man River.”

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