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Cancun Journal: October 18

Cancun Journal: October 18

October 18

Vegged on the beach today, great water, perhaps 80°, with wonderful breakers. I find I’m addicted to these hot dogs, but life is short! I didn’t mention that yesterday Guillermo found a spider starfish on the bottom, which looks like a miniature octopus, scrambling all over the place. It sat on my hand for a while, wandered around my arm and then was returned to its home.

Steam, sauna, aromatherapy room, and the most modern whirlpool I’ve ever seen, then a fabulous massage in the spa.

Tonight we visited the Ritz-Carlton for dinner in the Grill. It is one of the outstanding vacation dinners in my memory. We begin with a Polish vodka martini in the lounge while our table is prepared. Then a beef carpaccio, Caesar salad, and the best rack of lamb I’ve yet had, accompanied by another Mexican cabernet.

After dinner, we repair to the lounge for Grand Marnier soufflé, with a double espresso, 25-year-old Guatemalan brandy, and a Cuban Partegas #4. The captain then provides a top-of-the-line Jose Cuevo tequila as a digestif. An extraordinary evening. Maria receives a red rose as we depart.

And we get home in time for me to watch the fourth quarter, as Rutgers defeats the number two team in the country, South Florida!

We are coming back to Cancun.

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