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Cape Cod Journal: September 24

Cape Cod Journal: September 24

Cape Cod Redux

We began the season on the Cape and are ending it here again, in Chatham, but this time at the Chatham Bar Inn. We found things a tad frosty here when we stopped in for dinner in June, so we’re staying now for a few days to see if we’ll book it for next summer.

So far, so good. By the time I had turned into the circle and stopped the car, the doorman had determined where he would put the car in front of the hotel. I offered to pay extra to sample the very best room available (we’re here on an auction gift certificate from the Newport Film Festival) but I was told at the desk we had already been upgraded to an ocean-view cottage suite. We had lunch on the veranda overlooking the exquisite grounds and the water, and were informed our suite was ready as we paid the bill.

We have two fireplaces in a huge suite on top of a bungalow. There is a panoramic view of the inlet, the bar itself, and the ocean beyond, complete with lounging seals in the distance. Lobster boats are tied up below. The balcony spans the entire living room.

The Inn is totally booked, and it is 75 degrees on a prototypical Indian summer day. Tomorrow is expected to threaten records moving into the 80s. Yet you see few people and there is an almost exaggerated serenity. The boats gently sway, the gulls glide, sea meets sky, and you begin to sense that F. Scott Fitzgerald is writing the story of your life.

Dinner in the tavern, fish and chips. I’m just a simple guy.

The Chatham Bar Inn

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