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Cape May Confidential III

Cape May Confidential III

Have to catch up a bit. Weather has been good, some rain late afternoon or evening, but not what we feared from the reports.

Dinner at the Black Duck was excellent, as always, augmented by a Cakebread 2003 Merlot. “I don’t get much of that,” said the liquor store owner, “good choice.” Thinking ahead, I said, “Do you have any Montrechet?”

“You must be kidding,” he smiled. (This is the best wine shop in Cape May, but they can’t afford to stock really good stuff even in season.)

Anyway, we had an assortment of appetizers, a wonderful Stilton salad, and then some spectacular tuna.

That evening, my wife receives a 10 pm call from Danielle—she’s downstairs with the granddaughters! They had not communicated her arrival quite accurately to each other, shades of Houston and Pasadena with the Mars lander (inches, vs. centimeters). But, a day early was fine!

The kids loved the Atlantic, making the fourth generation to enter it (that we know of). We all went to the Blue Pig for dinner where, awaiting them at the bar, I was informed I could get the “Belvedere special,” which was a dollar off my martini, making it $8! Grilled Octopus and a “sizzler of shellfish” was polished off with a Joseph Droughin Chablis, my daughter ably assisting.

I’ve sent along a photo which should appear here of an amazing kite hovering near our balcony, I hope it reproduces well. There was a lighted one last night over the beach outside of our apartment.

Tonight we’re off to Wildwood for another long-standing family tradition, a trek up and down the two-mile boardwalk.

(At breakfast today, Alaina downed some banana pancakes while my daughter actually ordered Tater Tots for herself. There is a picture of this ancient, indeterminable food group on my Facebook page if you’re interested in bizarre ritual.)

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  • Pat Tith

    July 30, 2009

    So lovely to see to healthy grandchildren at the beach….what a long journey it was with a happy ending! They are adorable, so much so that I had to comment!!


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