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Cape May Confidential IV

Cape May Confidential IV

Best day of the week yesterday, moderate wind, about 82, warm water, wonderful breakers. The granddaughters loved it, although I couldn’t figure out how to fold up their sand tent and had to haul the entire thing back to the apartment, like a huge spinnaker sail, hat pulled down over my eyes. I’ve driven over a dozen exotic cars, many with stick shifts, and I can’t fold a sand tent.

We’ve walked past a nondescript café here a hundred times. It’s called Freda’s Café and is adjacent to the shopping district. Enough people told us it was wonderful to influence us to try it. We took the kids, and found ourselves in a very intimate room, but the staff and other patrons were terrific, and so were the kids once we removed everything graspable from Alaina’s and Gabrielle’s reach, which is considerable.

The food was magnificent. Not for Cape May. Not for New Jersey. For anywhere. Better than many “name” New York seafood restaurants, by far. Some of the finest fish and most wonderful preparation in my memory. And the service is cordial and friendly. It’s at 210 Ocean Street, and you need to go there if you’re within any kind of driving distance. Since it’s one of many BYOB establishments here, I was able to find a 2005 Cesare Amarone, which most people might not consume with fish, but I will consume it under just about any conditions.

Our final day here, we drive home tomorrow, Danielle, Alaina, and Gabrielle departed last night. (The Beemer’s computer is almost as difficult as the sand tent.)

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Comments: 3

  • Mark Cioni

    July 31, 2009

    We had one of those sand tents, you’re lucky you didn’t get it collapsed. That way it can’t explode out of its case in the back of your vehicle, spontaneously, without provocation, frightening the unsuspecting driver in heavy traffic…or so I hear.

  • Tim Wilson

    July 31, 2009


    You’re the grandfather you’re not suppose to know how the fold up a sand tent, portable play-pen or any of the new fangled supposedly easy use and to open stuff for kids today. I know from experience.

    Also, isn’t great when you find a place that on the outside you wouldn’t think would serve great food only to be pleasantly surprised to find just the opposite.

  • Alan Weiss

    July 31, 2009

    The problem is that you can’t exact revenge on a sand tent. You can’t sink it or burn it or punch it. It’s friggin exasperating.

    Agree about inside/outside, except, of course, with sand tents.

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