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Alas Babylon

If you spend time in airports, or on the streets of a large city, or any place where large groups of people are in transit, you must have been in a position to have someone nearly plowing into you with

Let me be very clear about this: When someone unsolicitedly points out a typo in your work (especially a published book, but even a column or an article) without also commenting on the content of the work, it's merely passive/aggressive

The Governor of Rhode Island, Gina Raimondo, was quite popular when first elected, and now at the conclusion of her second and final term is rated the "least most popular governor in the US." Recently, she changed the habit of

New Zealand man brings emotional support clown to layoff meeting David Matthews   New York Daily News | Sep 15, 2019 | 4:15 PM A New Zealand man, brought a clown to meeting where he lost his job. (Valerie Loiseleux/Getty Images/iStockphoto) A New Zealand man