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Alas Babylon

So now we're into March Madness with all the betting taking place on the "brackets." The National Football League has a closer relationship with gambling than ever before. Outfits like FanDuel, Draft Kings, and Wild Casino are getting permission for

Influence and power are dependent on knowledge—sentience—and that is dependent on consciousness. Consciousness isn't merely being awake, it's a function of processing information. Hence, my German Shepherd is more "conscious" than a mouse because he can process more information faster

On the one hand, the Emmy Awards seemed like a throwback, an anachronism, focusing on honoring shows that are 60 years old. On the other, there were shows and people nominated that I've never heard of or seen, and probably

I've noticed that companies that bill me, from auto to department stores, credit cards to insurance, often use non-first class letters ("pre-sorted," etc..) which slows down delivery in a postal service already slowing down even it's fastest delivery. The due