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Alas Babylon

Some guy on Linkedin sends me what's obviously a mass message indicating he'd like to interview me for his "tens of thousands" of listeners, and if I sign up now I can avoid the charge to be interviewed beginning soon! A

On the shuttle to the airport this morning in San Francisco I sat among two pilots and a flight attendant from American Airlines. They were discussing the best places to drink, with the cheapest liquor, in Las Vegas. I was happy has gone out of business. All those people measuring their social media standings as if they meant anything are now bereft. They'll have to go back to "click-throughs" or "likes" or "reacts" or other nonsense to bolster fragile egos. I

I've found that people receiving something for free are more demanding than people who are paying for a service or product! There seems to be a bizarre sense of entitlement that accompanies the "freebie." When I've spoken pro bono for many association