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Alas Babylon

Immediately after the horrible bridge collapse in Minneapolis, I began receiving blast emails from PR firms advising me that “experts are wanted” for media interviews. Apparently, we were to apprise the PR firms of our availability, because psychologists, grief counselors,

Our pond here is about two acres, fed by a small river, with an outlet over a waterfall that leads to the bay a half-mile away. Today, alone, aside from the usual geese and ducks, we had a double-breasted cormorant,

Last night, at the Miss Universe contest in Mexico City, the audience apparently booed when Miss USA was being interviewed as one of the finalists. Perhaps we’ve been too unfair to Mexico? Not spending enough tourist dollars? Too hard on

I’m suggesting here in this public forum that everyone must sign up for Prehabilitation (Prehab) so as to avoid the more costly Rehabilitation (Rehab) which seems to have become de rigeur for all kinds of transgressions, real and imagined. Not unlike