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China Journal

China Journal

They take very good care of us at the Four Seasons in Hong Kong, and every desire is attended to. The place is very upscale, and it’s interesting how that influences perspective.

When we visited the Great Wall outside of Beijing, the guide took us to a typical restaurant in a small city where we sampled fabulous dishes at lunch. So I asked the concierge here to find us a typical Chinese restaurant for dinner after church on Sunday. She sent us to Fook Lam Moon.

The cab let us off in front of densely packed buildings and the restaurant was on the second floor, a good sign. However, once inside the street level door, we were greeted by a hostess and two seaters, all with earpieces, who had our reservation and greeted us by name. One of the seaters escorted us on to the elevator.

“We’re here,” I said, “because the hotel concierge told us you were the perfect restaurant for good food and typical atmosphere.”

She turned on me in almost outrage and said, “Sir, we are a one-star Michelin establishment!” and, with that, the doors opened on a lovely room full of very upscale local people.

Apparently, the concierge’s view of us is that “typical” is just a single Michelin star!

(The food was great, and the wine list staggering, some bottles going for several thousand dollar US!)

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