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Chris Rock Rocks Again

Chris Rock Rocks Again

Chris Rock is one of my favorite comics and last night he was on Netflix, live. He’s not for everyone. He takes on all sorts of “sacred cows” no matter which side of the spectrum. He said at one point: “I believe a woman should have complete control of her body. (Great applause) I believe she has a right to kill her baby. (Stunned silence) I believe she should have that right up to, say, four years of age, when the kid gets the first report card. (Gasps of people trying to get oxygen) I don’t think I have to explain how bold and insightful you have to be to poke an audience in the eye that way.

And his take on Will Smith and the famous slap, and Will Smith’s wife, which it appeared he wasn’t going to mention any more, took up the last ten minutes of the act and was performed with a metaphorical stiletto.

And his prolific profanity is adjectival: used to describe, not like so many weak comics who think the profanity itself is something to laugh at, because they have no talent.

If you get the chance, and have the courage to have your own beliefs challenged (which I find good for the soul), buy this, rent this, or steal it. This is really on-the-edge comic genius.

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