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Departing Nantucket

Departing Nantucket

We’re due to leave Nantucket today on a 5:30 pm ferry. It’s impossible to change ferry reservations here, which are sold out months in advance. You might as well try to get into Per Se in New York on a Saturday night without a reservation.

Right now, the ferries are running on schedule, though they expect to shut down completely on Sunday, into Monday. The President recently left Martha’s Vineyard, closer to the mainland than we are, but he has more clout.

If the ferry gets us to Hyannis as planned, we then have what would typically be a 90-minute drive back to Rhode Island, but I expect it will be many times longer with all the traffic fleeing Cape Cod. In addition, if winds rise above a certain point, the Massachusetts state police will close the only bridges which can take you off the cape. I have no idea what happens then.

The Wauwinet Inn has already extended a late checkout for us and told us we’re welcome to stay at a reduced rate if we’re stranded here. The car is gassed up, and only requires a half-tank for the normal trip home.

It’s a rainy day on Nantucket, in the 80s. We’ll head to breakfast in another hour or so. We’re wising anyone in the path of the storm good luck and safe travels. I hope to be reporting progress either here or on Twitter.

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  • Rene' Vidal

    August 29, 2011

    One has the feeling that you’ve successfully navigated worse storms than these. Happy to hear and continued success on all fronts.

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