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Does Locking Down A Country Make Sense?

Does Locking Down A Country Make Sense?

New Zealand had a recent case of someone positive for Covid and now is in its toughest lockdown in over a year. Jacinda Ardern, the much-praised Prime Minister, had embarked on a strategy all along of eradication, not trying to live with the disease. Australia has had similar policies with harsh restrictions in cities and the government’s projection of no international travel until well into 2022 (or beyond).

Covid is something we have to live with, not hide from. If we “shut down” business and society we are causing more economic deaths than medical deaths, I wish the New Zealanders best wishes and good health, but the way to fight this disease is with better vaccines, masks, and social distancing as conditions require, not by forcing people to live like prisoners. There are few things in life that are zero risk, including driving on the streets, flying, having children, and eating too much of the wrong foods. And if we said that so long as there was a chance of illness or death an endeavor was forbidden, no one would be driving, flying, or dining out—or perpetuating the species.

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Alan Weiss is a consultant, speaker, and author of over 60 books. His consulting firm, Summit Consulting Group, Inc., has attracted clients from over 500 leading organizations around the world.

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  • August 19, 2021

    Hi Allan, re ‘Locking Down A Country Make Sense’. as a ‘Kiwi’ that has experienced the New Zealand COVID elimination regime I fully agree with you. An increasing number of Kiwis are becoming intolerant of high level lockdowns, as we watch countries such as the UK and US open up.

    We are told that the rest of the world is a mess and getting worse and NZ is the only safe place to be. The level of fear perpetrated by those at the top is palatable among vulnerable sectors of our population, but the rest of us can see that our prime minister has no other plan but to lockdown early, again and again. Increasing fear goes hand in hand with increasing control. Awareness of loss of personal autonomy is dawning on law-abiding Kiwis and is beginning to be reflected in the polls.

    While the media of the world admires the ‘optics’ created by our prime minister, rollout of the vaccine has been extremely slow – as of yesterday only 40% of our police force has been fully vaccinated, testing of border staff is infrequent, theres a big gap between what the govt says is happening and what most of us are experiencing. We are a small population surrounded by the world’s largest moat, the Pacific Ocean. NZ handled 2020 well. But now proactive, productive Kiwis are asking for our government to move on asking for the ‘Living with COVID’ plan. So far nothing.

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